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What Is Bourbon?

Ah, Bourbon! Bourbon drinks are so delicious and versatile, and are perfect for sophisticated fireside sipping, or for shaking into fun and playful cocktails! This fantastic liquor is enjoyed by many of us, yet still, a lot of people find themselves asking ‘what is bourbon?’ Well, if you find yourself pondering this question, fear not! We are here to help, and we can dive into the world of bourbon together. 

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, that is produced only in The United States of America. This distilled liquor is barrel-aged, which means that this spirit is matured and left to rest inside charred-oak wooden barrels.

Bourbon is made from primarily fermented corn mash, and for legal reasons for a bourbon to be allowed to call itself ‘bourbon’, it must be made up of at least 51% corn mash. Bourbon has a delicious flavor, and a unique flavor profile of caramel, vanilla, spices, and oak. Are you wondering how to drink bourbon? Bourbon is great to sip alone, mix with juice or soft drinks for a mixed drink, and is also great for cocktails. Bourbon is used in many different cocktails, such as an Old Fashioned, or a Mint Julep.

How Is It Made?

So, if you are contemplating your favorite bourbon drinks and wondering what is bourbon and what is bourbon made from? Then let’s find out! As said before, bourbon is made from a fermented corn mash. When we say ‘mash’ we mean the mixture of grains used, that the end product is distilled from. The majority of the mash is corn (usually around 70% on average), but also rye, wheat, and barley grains can be used. Wheat adds to the smoothness of the end spirit.

These raw grains undergo a milling process, and the resultant product then undergoes a procedure of heating, cooking, and cooling. Freshwater is used, to allow the starch in the grain to be cooked, and the sugar extracted. The fermentation process is encouraged by the addition of yeast. In this fermentation, the yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide and takes around 3 days. 

This fermented mash is then distilled at 125 proof or less. Column stills are generally used for the distillation process. Bourbon is then stored to age and mature in oak barrels, which are used in order to create this delicious charred-oak-infused flavor. Bourbon tends to be stored for between 2 to 4 years.

Where Does It Come From? 

What is bourbon made from and where does it originate? So, bourbon is an American type of whiskey, traditionally associated with the ’Bluegrass State’ of Kentucky. A staggering 95% of the world's bourbon is made in Kentucky! Bourbon can be made anywhere in America, but legally it must be made only in the USA. In 1964, Congress declared bourbon to be ‘America’s Native Spirit’. Therefore, according to US trade legislation, bourbon can technically be made anywhere but must be produced in America to be legally allowed to label itself as ‘bourbon’.

Previously, it was produced in many places, including Scotland and Brooklyn, but these days it is mostly only made in Kentucky. But that doesn’t stop this fantastic liquor from being enjoyed all over the world! 

Which Are Some Of The Best Bourbon Brands To Try? 

Now, it is time to explore some of the different types of bourbon and the best bourbon brands. So, what are the top bourbon brands? We recommend Wild Turkey as an excellent bourbon brand. This is one of our top bourbon brands, owing to the great range of bourbons available. If you are looking to order bourbon online, then try our website, for a great way to buy bourbon online. We stock a large selection of Wild Turkey bourbons, that you should definitely check out!

Old Elk is another one of the best bourbon brands. If you’re looking to order bourbon online that is rich and delicious, this is perfect for you. This bourbon is made with four times more malted barley than other recipes, making it oh-so-smooth and easy to drink.

Are you wondering where can I buy bourbon? Do you like to shop in an easy, convenient way? Do you want to buy bourbon online? Then here at our website, you can get Jim Beam bourbon online, delivered right to your door! This fantastic bourbon is one of the best bourbons, as they have a great range of flavors, such as vanilla or orange, to name just a few. Jim Beam’s great selection of different types of bourbon makes them a great choice for all bourbon lovers out there.

What Does It Taste Like?

There is of course a difference in flavors and tastes between different bourbon brands, but generally, the flavors found in bourbon are sweeter than whiskey. These flavors include vanilla, caramel, and oak. One bourbon lover has tried to answer this question by breaking bourbon down into 4 different categories. These include being: 1. Cinnamon forward, 2. Caramel forward, 3. Grain forward and 4. Nutmeg forward. 

How to drink bourbon? Bourbon has a great smoothness to it as well, which makes it perfect for mixing in many famous and well-loved cocktails. These include a Bourbon Sour, a Boulevardier, a Kentucky Mule, a Bourbon Sidecar, or a Bourbon Manhattan. These fantastic cocktails are such great flavor combinations and allow the glory of Bourbon to shine through. We highly recommend giving them a try today!

Recommended Products

We love this Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon, and we’re sure you will too! With a fantastically high ABV of 56.4% this great bourbon product still retains its wonderful smoothness and drinkability. This great product is a bourbon blend of different barrels, using bourbons between 6-12 years old. No extra water is added to this sublime spirit, and it has flavors of light oranges, mint, and sweet tobacco. 

This Old Elk Atlas & Mason Pick is another fantastic bourbon, and unique in terms of its wheat content. Where most wheated bourbons have only 20% wheat, this daring bourbon contains 45% wheat and you can really taste the difference! With a wonderful flavor experience of toffee, wheat, and clove, this bourbon has a 55.95% ABV and is great to sip neat.

If you want to order good bourbon online then try our Buffalo Trace Bourbon. This fabulous bourbon has an intriguing flavor profile, that is both sweet and spicy, with notes of toffee, dark fruits, and anise. The long and smooth finish is wonderful, and we definitely recommend trying this product soon! 

Our final recommendation would be this Larceny Small Batch Bourbon. This bourbon is oh-so-special, owing to the fact that it is made in small batches. These lovingly crafted bourbons are made with precision and allow the maker to achieve a high-quality liquor. With delicious aromas of toffee, fresh bread, and butterscotch, this bourbon has a long and gentle taste. 

If you want to know more about bourbon, or are asking where can I buy bourbon, then check out our website for great offers and quality products. 


What Is The Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon?

All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. The way that bourbon is different from other whiskeys is based on the way that bourbon is made and aged, with bourbon having stricter production rules. So, bourbon must be made from a minimum of 51% corn mash, but typically is made from around 70% corn mash. This corn content gives it a fabulous sweetness. 

Also, bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels. Bourbon also has strict ABV rules. For example, bourbon mash must be distilled at 80% ABV and aged in barrels until 62.5% or less. It then must be bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV. Whiskey, on the other hand, doesn’t have as strict rules on distillation, or the aging process.

Is Bourbon a Hard Liquor?

When we talk of ‘hard liquor’, people are often referring to a drink that is a distilled spirit made through distilling grains, vegetables, or fruits. On the other hand, other alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine are made via fermentation. So yes, bourbon is a hard liquor. Other hard liquors include gin, rum, brandy, tequila, or vodka.

Does Bourbon Get You Drunk?

Yes, bourbon will indeed get you drunk! With a minimum ABV of 40%, and some brands going a lot higher than this, drinking bourbon will definitely get you drunk if you have enough of it. The average person will get drunk after 4 shots, which is approximately 120ml to 180ml. Of course, your size and body weight can affect this also. 

Plus, how much you have (or haven’t) eaten that day will affect how drunk you get too. So, always remember to drink sensibly and in moderation, to avoid getting dangerously drunk. Drink a lot of water too, to stay hydrated and avoid horrible hangovers!

Is Bourbon Stronger Than Whiskey?

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, and some bourbons can be stronger than some whiskeys. For example, this Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon has an ABV of 56.4%, which can be higher than some generic whiskeys, which tend to have an ABV of 40%. Of course, it all depends on the bourbon and on the whiskey.

Is Bourbon Stronger Than Vodka?

It depends on which definition of ‘stronger’ you use. So, for alcoholic content, depending on the brand, whiskey and vodka can have different or the same ABV content. If we are looking at ‘stronger’ in terms of flavor, then bourbon does tend to have a stronger flavor than vodka and the flavor is more distinct, whereas vodka tends to have a more neutral flavor.

Is Bourbon Healthy?

Bourbon does tend to be healthier than other alcohols such as wine and beer, as it has a low-calorie content (approximately 100 calories per shot), little sugar, and no carbs. Of course, this is if bourbon is drunk neat, as adding mixers such as juice or soda tends to increase the sugar content of the drink. So, sip your bourbon straight! Also, always remember that any alcohol consumed in excess will be unhealthy, and therefore alcohol must always be consumed in moderation.


So there we have it, a thorough exploration of the world of bourbon! If you’re wondering where can I buy bourbon? Then head over to our website to check out the fabulous bourbon collection for yourself.