Shipping & Return Policy

Products cannot be shipped to a APO, FPO, PO Box or international (accept where legal and permitted).
All orders placed after 2:00 pm PST will ship out the following business day.
Returns by Consumers to Retailers: No returns are allowed unless the beverages are spoiled, deteriorated, contaminated, or otherwise unfit for human consumption. This approval is made on the condition that there will be a bottle-for-bottle exchange for the unsatisfactory merchandise. It is necessary for a consumer to bring/send back a partially emptied bottle or a bottle which clearly shows deterioration of the product, such as sediment, to qualify for the refund. 
Any returns made due to reasons outside the fault of CWS will be refunded minus the cost of both way shipping
A consumer cannot overbuy for a party and then return any of the unused alcoholic beverages. Neither can the recipient of a gift exchange it for other merchandise or be given a credit. Sales to consumers are final except as previously set forth. The Department and federal law agree in this respect.