Price Match Policy Price Match Policy has provided years of nationwide service with the lowest prices on brand name wines, spirits, and luxury collection sets.


  • We only match prices of direct competitors in the
    e-commerce space.

  • Country Wine & Spirits has the right to limit the number of bottles being purchased.

  • We match the final price of an item as it appears in your shopping cart – after shipping and taxes have been calculated.

  • For Price Match to work, Country Wine & Spirits will have to validate the Competitors’ price via ad or domain.

  • Product Item needs to have the following matched up to Country Wine & Spirits: Identical Brand, Product Type, Vintage, Bottle Size, Manufacturer/Distiller, and UPC number.

  • A competitor is defined as an e-commerce wine and liquor store that functions in a similar way to Country Wine & Spirits. This means our competitors are other e-commerce stores that retail direct to consumer.

  • Price Match Guarantee is valid only while supplies last.

Price match does not work if...

  • The price is on a different sized bottle, different vintage, different flavour, different name of product, or different manufacturer/distillery.
  • The price is based on a promotion such as BOGO (Buy One Get One), daily specials, or flash sales.
  • The price is on anything other than Liqueur, Spirits, and Wines.
  • It's an allocated item

We cannot guarantee participation of our physical retail locations with the above policy.

Conditions may apply.