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What does Merlot wine taste like?

Most people drink Merlot with their dessert or with cheese and crackers. The reason being is that merlot tastes like cherries and chocolates. Soft tannins keep the mouthless parched which allows more sweetness and flavor to flow to the palate. Merlot can be enjoyed with almost any type of food. Merlot does have a variety of flavors. Merlot is a medium to full-bodied wine that has a fair amount of alcohol and acidity count. Merlot has a range of flavors that take away and give more sweetness and dryness. Flavors of blackberries, black cherries, cocoa, herbs, and plums can be tasted with notes of vanilla, cloves, and cedar.

How many calories and carbs do merlot wine have?

There are 123 calories and 3.69 grams of carbohydrates in a glass of merlot wine (5 fluid ounces). When working out or trying to watch weight, Merlot wine is one of the healthier choices. 

Is Merlot wine good for beginners?

Merlot happens to be a great choice of wine when starting. Red wine like Merlot really is easy on the palate and doesn’t have such a bitter taste rather sweeter. Merlot doesn’t leave your mouth dry either so that is another plus. The balanced flavor really touches how the drinker may react after taking their first sip. It is also the second most common wine behind Cabernet Sauvignon.

How long does merlot wine last after opening?

IF or someone to keep Merlot around after opening one must first seal the bottle either in a decanter or with a cork. Secondly, one must keep the wine in a cool place like a fridge or wine cooler. Merlot can last around four days after opening but usually the higher the number of tannins in the wine and the higher the acidity the longer it can last.

How to drink Merlot wine the right way?

One should first consider chilling the bottle of Merlot at 60-65° Fahrenheit. One needs to understand serving the wine can damage the taste and one will have more alcohol content than the flavor it provides. The wine will become bitter and not to the par it should have. Merlot is supposed to give a rich and sweet flavor, if one serves it warm the sweetness will turn and the alcohol will overtake the flavor. One should store Merlot horizontally instead of vertically. One should serve Merlot in red wine glasses with a rounded bottom. This will allow the wine to breathe and give off new and richer notes. One should pour about ⅓ of the glass with red wine so the flavors soak in together. Buy Merlot wine and have a fantastic experience and cherish these memories forever! 

What are some foods that pair well with merlot wine?

Merlot wine is a great wine to pair with your lunch or dinner. Usually, meals that have red meats like hamburgers, grilled or roasted chicken, veal, pork, filet mignon, roast beef, meatloaf, cheeses, and meaty stews. Can’t forget about dessert. Chocolate soufflé, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, brownies, and ice cream pair well with Merlot Wine. 

What are some best Merlot wines to drink?

Merlot red wine happens to be one of the more popular wines people drink. Most people prefer to spend between $20-$50 on a nice Merlot. Wineries choose to grow Merlot because they know that there is a clientele for it. Here are some of the brands of Merlot that are best sellers. 

STAG’S LEAP ARTEMIS MERLOT has always been a crowd-pleaser. The rich dark flavors of bing cherry, black cherry, and fig jam work well with the mocha and espresso flavors. This has been a bestseller for years and will continue to be.

STAG’S LEAP  NAPA VALLEY MERLOT 2016 is produced in the historic Stags’ Leap Winery. The Merlot has a fruit-forward body that carries flavors of dark cherry, strawberry, and floral tones. Caramel, clove, and tobacco linger in the finish which gives it that distinct and rounded flavor.

Duckhorn Vineyards Three Vineyard Merlot has captured the heart of many wine lovers. The rich fertile soil really plays a great role in how the wine was crafted. The complex flavors of black cherries, dark plum, dark cocoa, baking spice, and dark fruits really mesh with the earthy texture. This full-bodied Merlot has proven itself to be superior amongst others and will continue making a name for itself. 

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