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What is Vodka? 

Vodka is a clear spirit made through fermentation and distillation. It is traditionally made using potatoes or grains such as corn, wheat, or rye. It can, however, be made using many different things, including beets or grapes! Vodka has been long associated with countries such as Russia or Poland, and these countries have indeed produced good quality vodka for a long time now. However, vodka’s production is not exclusive to any geographical location and is in fact produced all over the world. 

Whilst Russia and Eastern Europe do drink the most vodka, this spirit is enjoyed globally, and is a bar essential. Due to its tendency toward flavor neutrality, vodka is used to make many different cocktails, mixed drinks, and shots. It is not a spirit a good bartender should be unfamiliar with!

Vodka is composed of water and ethanol. The quality of the water used often affects the flavor and mouthfeel of vodka. Vodka has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of between 40% and 50%. According to EU standards, vodka must contain 37.5% alcohol content, whilst in the USA vodka must contain a minimum of 40% ABV. Typically between 80-100 proof, the qualities of vodka vary, usually according to the number of distillations and filtrations.

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How is Vodka Produced? 

We already know that vodka is made via a process that involves fermentation, and then distillation, of cereals, grains, or other materials. So now let’s explore more deeply how this process works. 

So, if for example, we are making vodka from rye (the most popular grain used) we take the rye and add water, and then heat. Then, we add yeast, which helps to encourage the process of fermentation, and begins the conversion of sugar into alcohol.

Next, we test if the vodka contains enough alcohol using an exciting method - fire! We try to set the liquid alight, and if it does indeed set on fire, then the desired alcohol content is present. If not, then the vodka goes back to the drawing board and goes through the distillation process once again.

The distillation process of heating, evaporating, cooling, and condensing is done in order to purify the spirit, and create the clean, crispness that vodka is known and loved for. It also helps to remove any flavor. So, once vodka has gone through the required number of distillations (this will vary according to brand and price) then the liquid is filtered for the final purification. Vodka is usually filtered through charcoal and is typically distilled around 3 times or more. It can be drunk straight away and does not require maturation. 

How Does Vodka Taste? 

Vodka is actually rather tasteless! It is supposedly a sign of the quality of the spirit - a smooth drink, without any distinct taste, is a good quality vodka. A low-quality vodka may be reminiscent of nail varnish remover or paint stripper, whilst a quality vodka focuses more on ‘mouth feel’. This refers to the texture of vodka in the mouth and on the tongue, and some brands claim to have an oily, silky finish, with hints of sweetness whilst others are more watery and clean with a medical finish.

Vodka may also have some ‘heat’ or burn at the back of the throat. The presence of this heat is directly in relation to the number of times the vodka has been distilled, and the filtration methods. The purer the vodka, the lesser the burn.

How Can You Drink Vodka?

Vodka can be enjoyed in cocktails, mixed drinks, neat or with ice, or as a shot. Due to its lack of distinct flavor, vodka is great for mixing into many different kinds of drinks. Some classic vodka cocktails include a Lemon Drop Martini, Espresso Martini, Moscow Mule, White Russian, and Vodka Gimlet, among others. 

Popular mixed drinks include vodka and cola, vodka and cranberry juice, vodka and lemonade for the sweet tooth, or a vodka soda for those calorie counting. A splash of vodka can be a great addition to a cup of coffee for an extra kick, or to a hot chocolate for a boozy sweet treat.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy vodka is in a Bloody Mary. Here we have a recipe for you to try at home. You will need:

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 4 oz Tomato Juice
  • 2 Dashes Tobasco
  • 2 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 Tsp Horseradish
  • Celery Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Garnish: Optional Celery Stick/Olives/Bacon Slice/Lime Wedge

Directions: Go ahead and combine all ingredients in a glass with ice, and garnish with your chosen flourishes. Add extra hot sauce according to taste, and let this savory, spicy cocktail cure your hangover and kick start your day!

Which Are The Types of Vodka Available?

There has been an explosion in different types and flavors of vodka available on the modern market. Fruit-flavored vodka is delicious and brings a light, fruity summer flavor to your palate. Hoping to find fruity vodka for sale? Here at CWSpirits, we have many exciting flavors, including watermelon, raspberry, and pomegranate vodkas. 

Are you looking to buy vodka online? Then try our range of Botanical and Floral vodka. They can be used to make tasty vodka drinks that are perfect for springtime! 

These days, many of us are health conscious and gut-health-aware. If you are one of these, then try our Gluten Free vodka range. Where can I order vodka online? Right here!

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Looking for top-end vodka brands? Hoping to spoil that important person? Look no further! Try our Special Edition selection, to make those extra-special vodka drinks.

If you want to order vodka online and are sick of all the nonsense, low-grade types of vodka, then you’ve come to the right place. Order your favorite Belvedere here!

One of our most popular types of vodka is Wild Roots vodka. This is one of the best vodka brands, due to its quality and affordability. It also can be used to make many tasty vodka cocktails and mixer drinks!

Popular Vodka Brands Worth Trying 

There are many different vodkas out there, some more worthy of trying than others. We know that the huge amount of choices of vodka for sale can be overwhelming, so we have compiled this list of the best brands worth trying. 

Firstly, we recommend Smirnoff, as an absolute vodka classic. Smirnoff has got the perfect balance between quality and price. Smirnoff also has explored their flavor range, with a huge variety of infusions such as raspberry, lemon, watermelon, and blueberry, to name just a few. 

Other good brands include Wild Roots, which offers a fabulously smooth and drinkable spirit. Absolut vodka is a total must-have and has a clean crisp flavor, that is great for making cocktails with or mixing into long drinks with plenty of ice, for a refreshing beverage. 

Grey Goose is of course one of the legendary brands of vodka and can be sipped neat or with a cube or two of ice. Western Son also offers a great range of vodkas, with fruity infusions such as cucumber or grapefruit, that will go down a storm at any garden party or BBQ.

Recommended Products

One of our favorite vodka products would be this Western Son Raspberry Vodka. It takes like summer in a bottle! It has a balanced flavor palate of both sweet and tart and is smooth and easy to drink. This product can be used to make fantastic summer cocktails, that are easy and delicious. If you’re looking to host a party, try making a big batch of these Raspberry Fizz cocktails. Simply mix in a 2:1 ratio lemonade with raspberry vodka in a big punch bowl. Add plenty of ice, a few lime wedges, and a handful of fresh mint leaves and voila! You can even swap the lemonade for sparkling wine if you’re feeling particularly daring.

Another one of our recommended products is this Smirnoff Citrus Vodka. This zingy, zesty, lemon-infused spirit is amazing to sip alone or mix with other drinks for a refreshing beverage. Try a 40ml portion over large cube ice for a citrusy hit, or mix with soda water for a thirst-quenching drink that always goes down a treat.

A final recommended product from us here at CWSpirits would be the Three Olives Cucumber Lime Vodka. Infused with cucumber and lime, this fantastic spirit is so smooth and refreshing. Bring a bottle of this to any BBQ and you will be a very popular guest! Try mixing with lemonade and grapefruit juice for a delightful beverage. 

Frequently Asked Question's

Can Vodka Freeze?

Because vodka has an ethanol content, it will not freeze to totally solid. Standard freezers are 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and vodka of 40% ABV or 80 proof will not freeze until at -16 degrees Fahrenheit. Your vodka may go a little slushy in the freezer, but not turn solid like ice. Not in a standard home freezer at least! 

We do not recommend keeping your vodka in the freezer either, especially if it is a good quality vodka. This is because having it this cold can mean you end up losing some of the subtle scents and flavors. Instead, keep vodka in the freezer, but serve with plenty of ice to make sure your drink is refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Why Doesn’t Vodka Smell?

Compared with other drinks, such as tequila or bourbon, that have very distinct smells, vodka is odorless. This is due to the fact that vodka goes through a number of distillation and filtration processes. Whilst vodka begins as grain or cereal (or something else such as potatoes) the end product is virtually unrecognizable. The multiple distillations clarify and purify the spirit, making the liquid clear and relatively odorless.

However, if you drink more than your body is able to process or metabolize, and the liver is struggling to digest, then you will smell of alcohol. The body will begin to secrete the excess alcohol, such as through sweat glands or bad breath. So, remember to drink in moderation!

Can Vodka Make You Drunk?

Absolutely yes! With an average ABV of between 37.5-50%, vodka can most definitely get you drunk! Between 2-4 shots will leave the average person feeling tipsy, whilst between 5-9 shots will make you drunk. Anything more than 10 shots, will on average, leave you very drunk!

This of course depends on factors such as body mass index (BMI), the period of time in which alcohol is consumed, and other personal and environmental factors. But the long and short of it is, yes, vodka will make you drunk. Remember to drink lots of water between each alcoholic drink, to even out the effects of dehydration, and hopefully stave off that hangover.

Which Vodka Is Made From Potatoes?

The urban myth that all vodka is made from potatoes is, in fact, untrue! The reality is only 3% of vodkas are made from potatoes. These days, most vodka is made from grains and cereals. This is because they are easier to work with during the fermentation process than potatoes.

People that prefer potato-based vodka say that it has a better mouthfeel, and a more earthy, nutty flavor. Therefore, with an awareness that potatoes bring a more nuanced and deep flavor, there has been a re-emergence of potato vodkas. Some common potato-based brands are: Woody Creek, Monopolowa, Chase, Luksusowa, Blue Ice, 44 North Huckleberry Vodka, Chopin, Boyd and Blair, or Karlsson’s Gold. 

Vodka Online

So there we have it, all you need to know about vodka! Head over to CWSpirits to browse the vodka selection and buy yourself some great vodka. We recommend that you buy vodka online so that you can check out all the different options and prices, and make an easy comparison, to ensure you get the perfect drink. Plus, when you order vod