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Casamigos is an innovative tequila brand behind some of the world's favorite tequila. It was started by Hollywood legend George Clooney, along with two friends. Their mission was simply to bring fantastic tequila to America that was made in the proper, traditional way.

This sparked a slew of celebrities going down the same path, creating brands and products in partnership with existing brands. Casamigos tequila may have a famous face to it, but the real reason it has become so successful is because of the amazing tequila quality.

Casamigos Origin:

Casamigos, the tequila company founded by George Clooney, has a history rooted in friendship and a shared love for tequila. The name "Casamigos" is a blend of the Spanish words "casa," meaning house, and "amigos," meaning friends, translating to 'House of Friends.' George Clooney, along with friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, decided to create their own tequila because of their deep appreciation for the spirit.

The Casamigos Production Process:

The production process of Casamigos tequila and mezcal adheres to age-old traditional methods. Only the finest agaves are selected for the creation of the drink, undergoing a meticulous roasting process lasting up to 72 hours in brick ovens or earthen pits heated by volcanic rock. The Master Distiller utilizes a unique blend of yeast to ensure a consistent flavor.

The Casamigos story is a harmonious blend of honoring tradition while introducing fresh and innovative elements. Clooney and Gerber invite fellow tequila enthusiasts to participate in their new social media campaign, "House of Friends." This initiative encourages people to share videos and images of themselves enjoying Casamigos with their friends. Rande Gerber emphasizes the essence of the brand, stating, "George and I made the tequila ourselves and had a lot of good times coming up with the perfect one. It was made by friends, for friends, and that's what we're all about: friendship."

Types Of Casamigos Tequila:

Casamigos Reposado: With its familiar flavor profile for tequila drinkers, boasts a golden honey color with a slight pink hue and transparency. Its aroma is characterized by caramel and hints of cocoa, while the taste offers a peppery oakiness followed by sweetness and depth from roasted agave, finishing with notes of dried fruits. Aged for seven months in American oak, it has an ABV of 40%. Ideal for sipping straight, over ice, or in cocktails like a classic margarita or Tommy’s.

Casamigos Blanco: It is a smoother, more subtle tequila with a crystal-clear appearance. Rested for two months in stainless steel, it has an ABV of 40%. The aroma carries hints of citrus and sweet agave, and the taste is smooth and subtle, featuring a herbaceous bite reminiscent of jalapeño, along with hints of grapefruit and vanilla. Perfect for sipping over ice or as a base for cocktails like the Picante, complemented by a chili salt rim.

Casamigos Añejo: The longest aging process produces a rich caramel appearance. Aged for 14 months in premium white American oak with an ABV of 40%, it offers soft caramel and vanilla notes in its aroma. The taste is primarily sweet, full-bodied, and rich, with honey sweetness and a touch of back-end pepperiness from the fermentation process. Best enjoyed alone, although it retains its subtleties and depth of flavor when mixed with lime or other classic tequila cocktail ingredients.

The Casamigos family of tequilas is renowned for its top-quality products. Despite the 2017 acquisition by Diageo, the brand's international presence has expanded, ensuring availability across Europe and beyond. The addition of an Oaxacan-sourced mezcal further showcases their commitment to quality and innovation. If you appreciate Casamigos, exploring other options like Mijente Blanco, El Rayo Reposado, and Fortnum & Masonka Kah tequila Reposado is recommended.

At CW Spirits, we take pride in delivering an unparalleled shopping experience, ensuring that each Casamigos bottle is not just a beverage but a testament to the artistry of tequila-making. Elevate your moments with Casamigos from Country Wine & Spirits – where exceptional spirits meet unparalleled expertise.

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