The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blanco Tequilas

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blanco Tequilas

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blanco Tequilas

Almost every alcohol drinker loves tequila. Tequila is a fun-forward, light-hearted spirit that is associated with good times. Whether you prefer to take shots of tequila at the bar on a night out with friends or have it mixed into a delicious margarita while catching up with loved ones, it never fails to disappoint.

The perfect all-rounder for shots and margaritas is the blanco tequila, also known as silver tequila. We won’t go into the details about why tequila is so perfect for these occasions, but we will highlight the best blanco tequila for margaritas, the best silver tequila for shots, as well as the best blanco tequila for sipping. We will go through the best cheap blanco tequilas, as well as the top-rated blanco tequilas.

1. Patron

Patron Silver Tequila (750 Ml)

This is probably the most famous tequila in the world. With countless cultural references in movies and music, this tequila is the cornerstone of the industry. It is what we’d call a mid-shelf tequila, being neither particularly expensive or cheap. It is remarkably smooth and delicious for its price point, so relatively it is one of the best cheap blanco tequilas.

Patron is fantastic for shots if you’ve got some cash to spend, it is super smooth and flavorful but might add up financially after a while. Similarly, many bars will use it in their house margarita. It works fantastically well in a margarita, supporting the sweet citrus flavors perfectly. You can’t go wrong here and there is no surprise why it is one of the top-rated blanco tequilas.

2. Don Ramon Silver

Don Ramon Silver Tequila (750ml)

This blanco tequila from Don Ramon is triple-distilled for a smooth, soft-drinking experience. We love having this in a shot as it is too smooth to leave any lasting burn that cheap tequilas have. You can definitely get a few of these down you on a break from the dancefloor! Similarly, however, this would go fantastically well in a margarita, or flavored margarita.

3. Herradura


Another blanco tequila on this list that is world-renowned. The smooth, delicious flavor of this tequila makes it one of the best blanco tequila for margaritas. This global tequila comes from expert tequila producers who know every aspect of the margarita-making process, so you know you’re in safe hands!

4. Espolon Blanco

Espolon Blanco Tequila (750 Ml)

This is a bold, flavorful blanco that possesses some incredible, authentic tequila flavors. With notes of cooked agave and light citrus, with a peppery bite, this tequila is packed with flavor. We love having this in a shot as it really cuts through everything else that’s been drunk on the night, and will wake you up for sure if you’re out dancing!

5. Roca Patron


This Patron tequila is twice refined and has an added punch compared to the original blanco. This tequila comes in at 90 proof, making it slightly stronger than most tequilas. This makes it a perfect candidate for a luscious margarita that will soothe your soul after a long day. Catch up with your friends and loved ones with a couple of these fantastic cocktails at your favorite bar.

6. Corzo Silver Tequila

Corzo Silver Tequila (750ml)

This unique-shaped silver tequila is packed with delicious, smooth tequila that is super versatile. Named after the famed warriors who fought off the Spanish colonizers, this tequila is bottled with special technology that allows the tequila to breathe. The result is a fresh-tasting, smooth tequila that works really well in shots. The delicious flavor would be slightly lost in a cocktail so we feel this is the best way to get the most out of it!

7. Deleon Platinum

Brand - DeLeon Tequila DELEON PLATINUM TEQUILA (750 ML)

This lovely silver tequila is one of the best silver tequila for margaritas. It is one of our best cheap tequilas as well, boasting a floral, citrus flavor profile with a little bit of blanco bite that we love so dearly. Add this to a margarita cocktail for a delicious, satisfying drink!

8. Dinastia Real Silver


This lovely silver tequila is one of the top-rated silver tequilas for shots. The crisp, fresh flavor profile works so well in a sharp, delicious shot with a decent kick! Having this slightly chilled will elevate the shot experience to an incredible place. Enjoy!

9. Bribon Silver

Bribon Silver Tequila (750ml)

This tequila is one of our cheaper options but make no mistake, it does not taste like it. At a low price point, you would expect a face-misshaping tequila that burns long after you’ve drunk it. The reality is a pepper-forward bite with a delicious agave profile. It is smooth and slightly spicy all at once!

10. Padre Azul Silver

Padre Azul Silver (750ml)

This blanco is one of the more expensive, but 100% worthwhile tequilas we have. With a delicious, fruity palate combined with a light sweetness, this would work fantastically well as a shot at a party at home. Savor these ones with your nearest and dearest!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading through our ultimate guide to the best blanco tequilas. At CWS, we really do love all tequilas, though we feel that Blancos are the most versatile and often lead to the most fun! You can find all of these amazing products at our online liquor store. Order online today to get some amazing blanco tequila.