10 Health Benefits of Tequila - Are They Real?

health benefits of tequila

10 Health Benefits of Tequila - Are They Real?

Here at CWS, we love so many things about alcohol. We love the flavor, the variety, the process that makes it, the history behind it, and of course, the feeling it gives you. One thing we always get told in life is that alcohol is bad for you. It has high calories, no health benefits, and actually impairs many bodily functions.

We make the valued judgment on a regular basis that the slight negative effects on our body are totally worth it for the benefits it has. However, when consuming certain alcohols in regulated quantities, you can actually reverse this trend. We have written several pieces to date on different spirits, and in this, we will inform you of 10 health benefits of drinking tequila. 

Tequila is a delicious, regal spirit. It has very particular requirements in its production process, it only comes from Mexico, and it is so delicious. Tequila has been found to be the lowest calorie spirit, and that is one of the benefits of tequila for weight loss. Though, there are many more benefits that will surprise you.

Aids With Falling Asleep

help in fall asleep

This is a point for alcohol in general. While drinking vast quantities of alcohol will greatly disrupt your sleep, drinking moderate amounts actually relax your central nervous system, helping you fall asleep easier. You won’t be up worrying with a mind that’s racing if you have a couple of drinks before bed.

Sleep, or a lack thereof, has been shown time and time again to be one of the greatest factors in our body’s general health. Without sleep, we cannot really function properly. Our body starts shutting down. When we have good, and even great sleep, our body thrives and keeps our mood in great condition.

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Lowers Risk of Dementia

Lowers Risk of Dementia

Some studies, as outlined by one conducted by the BBC show that alcohol can help reduce the likelihood of developing dementia. While consuming too much alcohol greatly increases the risk of developing this disease, having one or two drinks a night has a positive effect. This is another general point for alcohol, though tequila is often one of the spirits chosen when conducting these studies.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

help in weight loose

It is surprising that one of the benefits of tequila for weight loss is true. Tequila can actually contribute to weight loss! We are always told that liquid calories are terrible when dieting, and that alcohol is the worst contributor of liquid calories. That is not strictly true for tequila. 

One of the benefits of drinking tequila is that you are consuming a type of sugar called agavins, not to be confused with agave. Agavins have a different molecular makeup and are not absorbed so easily by our bodies. That means that the calories can often pass through without being picked up.

Alongside this feat of agavins, they have also been found to stimulate the metabolism. We know the metabolism is what helps our body to burn and use calories. These agavins can also help to dissolve fats.

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Aiding Digestion

aiding digestion

Having a shot before or after dinner has been said to aid digestion. Scientists haven’t found any scientific evidence as yet as to why this is. All you can really do is try it for yourself. We’ve tried it a few times and it certainly works for us!

It Might Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

As a pre-warning, please consult your doctor before simply taking shots of tequila if your family has a history of Diabetes. However, there are some elements of the molecular makeup of Tequila that are non-digestible. As they are undigestable, they do not produce a blood sugar spike like other drinks and foods. This alone does not contribute to the prevention of diabetes, but it can help to produce insulin levels that diabetics so greatly need.

It May Help Osteoporosis

help in Osteoporosis

A study conducted by Harvard University medical researchers found that the previously mentioned agavins in tequila can aid calcium absorption. Calcium makes bones grow stronger, healthier, and better. Osteoporosis is when the bones degrade and become brittle. Tequila has been found to help with this!

It Can Act As A Prebiotic

Prebiotics basically prepare your gut for good-quality bacteria to be produced. There have been some studies that suggest that tequila can make the intestines a more habitable place for good-quality bacteria to be produced. This is great news for people with all the recent information about how gut health is more important than calories in/out. This makes one of the benefits of tequila for weight loss.

It Can Act As A Probiotic

improve gut health

Probiotics are bacteria that are present in our gut that maintain immune and bodily functions. Having good gut health is having a great number of probiotics. One of the benefits of tequila is that they have a compound called fructans which supports the health of these healthy bacteria. However, drinking too much tequila can actually have a negative impact on these gut bacteria.

It Does Not Give You As Bad A Hangover

doesn't give you bed hangover

One of the benefits of drinking tequila before bed is that, as it is naturally sweetened with the agave, it does not give you as bad a hangover. The agave present in the tequila acts differently when metabolized than sugar found in other alcohols. It does not dehydrate our bodies in the same way and thus, doesn’t leave our heads feeling so tender the next day! Make sure to drink the good stuff though as some low-quality tequila has added sugar!

It Can Help With Mental Health Issues

help to deal with mental health issue

Tequila is able to calm the central nervous system, without creating added depression like other alcohols. Alcohol is generally a depressant, apart from tequila. Tequila is actually classified as an ‘upper’. This means that it can calm you down, relax your body and mind after a long day, and not make matters worse. One of the benefits of tequila before bed is that it calms your mind to a state of relaxation.

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about this ever-impressive spirit. Tequila is experiencing a huge boom in the market at the moment, and now we know why. It truly is the modern spirit. Have a look at our website for a range of amazing options we know you will enjoy!