Summer Cocktails you Can Prepare with Kikori

Summer Cocktails you Can Prepare with Kikori - Country Wine & Spirits

Summer Cocktails you Can Prepare with Kikori

Many of the passionate alcohol lovers usually opt for vodka and gin during the hot summer days and they save scotch and bourbon for the colder months of the year. This is mainly because most of them have a misconception that most of the whiskeys are muscular and brawny. If you are a whiskey lover who wants to try a drink that goes down easy, you should definitely try the Japanese rice whiskey Kikori.

The Japanese whiskey hails from the southern island of Kyushu. The rice whiskey, Kikori is a lighter and more subtle variety of whiskey. The fact that it is distilled from rice rather than from grains makes Kikori a unique variety of whiskey.

The rice base of the Japanese rice whiskey brings a delicious fruity character to the palate along with the gentle tingle of ginger and spice. Manufacturers usually keep Kikori in used casks for three years to make it better. Since it is lighter, you will easily be able to pair it with dynamic and lighter ingredients. Below are three summer cocktails you can prepare with Kikori.

1. Kikori & Apples


Kikori pairs exceptionally well with apples and if you are a whiskey lover, then you should try to pair them at least once. Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Now, combine ½ ounce of honey syrup, 1½ ounces of good apple juice, ¼ ounce of lemon juice, and 1½ ounces of Kikori. Shake the mixture until it is well blended and then strain into a chilled glass with fresh ice. Top the mixture with 2 ounces of club soda and garnish with apple slices.

2. Kikori East Side

You might be familiar with the delicious classic cucumber-mint East Side cocktail made from gin. Replace gin with Kikori for an excellent summer cocktail. Muddle a 1-inch round of cucumber in a cocktail shaker and add mint leaves to it. Now, add simple syrup, Kikori, fresh lime juice, and ice to the mixture. Shake it until it gets chilled and then double strain it into a tall glass with ice.

3. Kikori Sour

Combining a single egg white with the delicious Kikori will allow you to enjoy the delicate notes of the drink easily. Take a cocktail shaker without ice. Now, combine Kikori, simple syrup, egg white, and fresh lemon juice, and add it to the shaker. Shake the mixture and allow it to chill it down. Strain the mixture into a tall glass and garnish it with a nasturtium flower.

Get your bottle of Kikori today & start mixing!