Casamigos Vs Patron Tequila - Which Is Better?

Casamigos Vs Patron Tequila

Casamigos Vs Patron Tequila - Which Is Better?

Tequila has become one of the most fashionable spirits in the last couple of decades. Where once champagne and whiskey ruled supreme, tequila has taken the throne as both the elegant and fun alcoholic drink of choice. 

Tequila, when of decent quality, provides a fantastically smooth drinking experience. For the health-conscious in our society, this means it can easily be drunk without a mixer. Tequila is thought to be an ‘upper’ whereas other alcohols are ‘downers’. This means that tequila is thought to provide you with energy rather than make you sleepy. This makes it ideal to drink when out.

Among tequila, there are two brands that have ascended above the rest in terms of popularity. In this piece, we will investigate Patron tequila vs Casamigos tequila. We will break down our judgment into five categories so that you can decide which one is right for you! Please enjoy our investigation into Casamigos vs Patron.

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With tequila, you must meet certain criteria to be seen as a reputable brand. You must have a lineup of the three pillar varieties: blanco, reposado, and añejo. Both brands have this which is a good start!

What is Patron other than what they are known for, the blanco? Patron has actually produced a wide variety of tequila products other than their classics. Their cafe Patron product was internationally adored, though it has since been discontinued. 

Within their line, they have products such as this sherry cask finished añejo. This experiment is adored by many, though it is staunchly unauthentic. The sherry cask adds a minerality to the tequila that is unexpectedly fruity, smooth, and delicious.

Patron Anejo Sherry Cask

In terms of the variety of tequila between Casamigos vs Patron, we have to give it to Patron! Casamigos do make up for it with this amazing Mezcal product, a product Patron does not possess. It’s a close one but Patron still wins this round.

Price Point

In order to determine what is Casamigos in terms of their most affordable, worthwhile product we need to look across their range. The best Casamigos tequila is their añejo. Compared to Patron’s añejo, Casamigos is slightly more expensive. However, the Casamigos añejo is of a better quality in our opinion.


In order to settle this properly, we should look at the cheapest products on their lines. The Casamigos vs Patron blancos has a $12 difference on our site, with Patron being the cheaper. In terms of price point, we can deduce that Patron wins this round! 


In terms of flavor with Casamigos vs Patron, it’s hard not to go one by one through the varieties. We will start with the blancos. 

The Casamigos blanco has lovely, strong flavors of citrus fruit, freshly toasted cinnamon, and light agave. It is punchy and robust, but smooth. The Patron blanco is slightly lighter but still marvelously smooth. There are light, fresh, fruity notes strewn throughout this bottle. We love them both but the better blanco is Casamigos.


In terms of Reposado, we have two worthy contenders for the top spot. The Casamigos reposado is beautifully sweet, with lusciously deep caramel, oak, and cacao notes running through it. It has the flavor of some lightly roasted agave, with an amazingly smooth finish. 

We have already touched on the añejos in terms of price point, but there is little need for comparison in this Casamigos vs Patron fight as the Casamigos is far superior. Made in a still relatively small-batch way, the deep amber color of the Casamigos añejo boasts a supply of smooth, deeply sweet, elegantly flavorsome tequila.


availabilty of tequila

Patron is certainly more widely available. It is available almost anywhere that alcohol is sold. It is available in most bars, clubs, and even many restaurants. You can find Patron in pretty much any supermarket, and many neighborhood stores. This is true across the world. 

Casamigos is becoming more widely available since being bought from Diageo last decade, though it is a slow process of expansion. You can find it across America in liquor stores, some bigger supermarkets, and across several countries around the world. They do not pale in comparison in this category, however, and we give this round to Patron.

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Here we are going to cover a range of uses for these tequilas. We will have a look at what is Casamigos if not a sipping tequila. We will also touch on what is Patron if not a tequila to be drunk as a shot. 

In terms of tequila at its rip-roaring best, a shot of Patron blanco at a club is unparalleled. It is the cheapest tequila that won’t make you feel queasy and is a delicious way to get the fun started/keep it going. You probably won’t find Casamigos blanco at a club, but you could easily shoot it in this manner.

The global favorite vehicle for tequila is the margarita. Many do not recommend going for a reposado or añejo when making a margarita as you won’t be able to taste the subtleties. We think blancos and reposados should both be considered in this category and we feel it is the Casamigos options that come out on top. Their smoothness is balanced by the beautiful lime and subtle sweetness and just make the most exquisite cocktail.

With the añejo variety always intended to be a sipping tequila, we must deduce that the Casamigos is more versatile. You can mix any of them into a cocktail or drink any of them straight. 

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So, after all of that deliberation, we hope you have chosen your favorite! Technically, it rules 3-2 in favor of Patron, but some of these categories might be more important than others to you. We hope you enjoy your tequila regardless! There are some fantastic deals when you order online on our website right now.