7 Best Patron Tequilas That You Must Try

Best Patron Tequilas That You Must Try

7 Best Patron Tequilas That You Must Try

Patron is one of the world’s biggest spirit brands. It can be found in liquor stores everywhere in the world and is a staple on most bar tops. It is probably the most popular mid-shelf tequila. Patron is known for its smooth taste, fantastic flavour, and iconic bottle. They also have one of the most iconic bottle emblems, the bee.

Patron is best known for their blanco tequila. There is no disputing this as it is one of the most desired shots and bases for a margarita around the world. Patron has become more than a tequila, people ask for a shot of Patron rather than a tequila these days! People often ask if is Patron the best tequila, and for shots it definitely is!

One thing a little less known about the esteemed brand is its other products. In this list, we will give a little insight into some of their alternative bottles, and figure out what is the best Patron tequila.

Patron Añejo


Patron takes their signature tequila blend right after it has been distilled and allows it to age for around a year. The aging process takes place in white American oak barrels, providing a wonderful, vanilla-imbued sweetness. This bottle is certainly more of a sipper than a shooter!

This añejo has some amazing citrus moments that dance around the palate beautifully. This is not the best Patron tequila for shots, it is one for sipping. Drop an ice cube into a tumbler and allow the smooth, mature flavour profile of this tequila to warm your soul.

Patron Añejo Sherry Cask

Patron Anejo Sherry Cask

This one is a little-known expression from Patron. We know them more for their top three tequila standards, but they have some wonderful alternative flavors such as this one. By finishing the tequila aging process in sherry casks, the tequila adopts some incredible flavors that pair beautifully with that of the anejo.

The Sherry donates a wonderful, deeply fruity minerality that adds an extra smoothness to this supple tequila.

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila


This bottle of Gran Patron is often referred to as a Cristalino tequila - a tequila that is actually treated as an añejo until it is filtered with charcoal to remove all impurities and colour adorned from the aging process. This creates a fantastic-tasting tequila that might trick the taste buds. When drinking a clear tequila, you’d normally think you’re drinking a more robust blanco, so it is a pleasant surprise.

Expect some wonderfully soft, deeply sweet notes, with a delightfully rounded pepperiness. The floral, citrus moments are divine and are best enjoyed simply neat, or on ice.

Patron Citronage Orange Liqueur


Probably the least well-known product on this list is this flavored tequila. Technically, this is a liqueur as it does not meet the 80 proof required to gain such a classification. However it is defined, this orange-flavored tequila is versatile and delicious. Why not try adding it to your Paloma cocktail for some boosted fruity goodness?

Patron Silver


We couldn’t make this list without including the flagship product. This product is what most people will think of when you mention the name, Patron. Incredibly smooth and rounded for a Blanco, this excellent tequila is enjoyed lovely and cold in a shot glass. You can sip it, shoot it, mix it into a Margarita, or any other cocktail.

This tequila can be found in their iconic bottle that makes this brand known the world over. This is definitely the best Patron tequila for shots as it is the least expensive of this lot, minus the liqueur.

Gran Patron Smoky Tequila

Gran Patrón Smoky Tequila (750ml)

When thinking is Patron as the best tequila, we should think of the brand as a whole. Having this product in their Arsenal opens them up to a whole new type of drinker, the one who likes bolder, more robust spirits. The agaves in this bottle are roasted with Mesquite, giving it a deliciously smoky flavor. It’s almost like Mezcal!

Gran Patron Piedra Extra Añejo Tequila


If you’re wondering what is the best Patron tequila, you might have to stop here. This bottle of extra añejo comes in the most majestic bottle, with the most imperial dark amber colour. This añejo has been aged for around 3 years in the best American oak barrels, giving it a long, deeply sweet flavour and finish.

There are notes of clove, oaky spice, butterscotch, and dried fruit on the palate, opening up to be one of the smoothest spirits you’ll ever drink. Please enjoy this tequila neat. You’ll be doing yourself a favour not to spoil it.

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So here you have our in-depth look at some of Patron’s best products. We hope you’ve discovered a few new ones, and hope you have found your best Patron tequila. Remember, you can buy all of these products on our website!