Some Interesting Facts about Patron Tequila

Some Interesting Facts about Patron Tequila - Country Wine & Spirits

Some Interesting Facts about Patron Tequila

The Patron Spirits Company is the manufacturer of Patron Tequila, which is regarded as a high-quality tequila brand. The incredible quality that Patron offers has increased its popularity and made it a favorite drink of many individuals. So, if Patron Tequila is one of your favorite drinks, here are a few interesting facts about the ultra-premium drink that you might want to know.

The Origin

Patron was founded by John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley in the year 1989. They started the production from Jalisco, Mexico, and later moved into a new distillery by the year 2002. The original distiller Francisco Alcaraz has been with the Patron Tequila brand since its beginning.

The Brand Symbol

The name, Patron, usually means a charitable or financially supporting person, but the meaning John Paul De Joria and Martin Crowley preferred for their brand name was ‘big boss’. The symbol is the Patron Tequila bee logo, and this symbol was used because of the strong attraction of bees to the blue agave plant. The Patron bee logo has become the iconic face of premium tequila.

The Production

The process implemented for the production of Weber blue agave is known as the Tahona process, which is used for the production of original tequila. A large volcanic wheel is used to crush the agave fibers and the resulting juice is fermented and distilled with fiber.

The Bottles Used

Manufacturers use recycled glass from Mexico for the production of patron bottles, however, the corks are made in Portugal. The agave farmers of Mexico still use coal knives to cut open the agave plant and to remove Piina, which is considered the heart of the plant. The Patron tequila bee logo is the centerpiece of the bottle. The Patron bee logo, alongside the bottles’ iconic stout shape, makes it instantly recognisable.

The Inspection

Patron Tequila products undergo careful inspection before being dispatched from the distillery and it takes almost 60 hands to manufacture the tequila product. A four-digit code is present in each bottle of Mexican tequila, which indicates the distillery where the product was manufactured. The NOM code of Patron is 1492 and is visible on every bottle of Patron Tequila.


All of their Tequila is produced at the Hacienda Patron. Located in Jalisco, Mexico, the Tequila is made using a process called Reverse Osmosis. This is a water purification process that separates the solvents and solutes from wastewater. This enables Patron to recycle water, which protects the Earths’ finite freshwater stores.


Though Patron was sold to Bacardi in 2018, it continues to feature regularly in popular culture. Through numerous references in popular music, Patron’s reach continues to grow. The brand has been mentioned in over 250 popular songs. 

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