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Luxury Tequila - Flavor Profile 

When it comes to luxury tequila there are numerous unique blends esteemed for their quality and taste. These luxurious blends live up to specific standards where they use the finest ingredients, long maturation processes, and are commonly produced from 1800 tequila, anejo, blanco, herradura or reposado.

The most popular luxurious drinks are Komos Anejo Cristalino aged in French oak white wine barrels, CLASE AZUL REPOSADO made from 100% blue weber agave, and DON JULIO 1942 ANEJO TEQUILA consisting of bold flavors of agave and fruit. For a good time try any of the following luxurious drinks guaranteed to live up to their prestigious reputation. For more luxurious drink options check out the following link.  

Popular Cocktail Recipes to try with Luxury Tequila

Luxurious blends are adored for their exquisite taste and palate thus commonly being drunk straight. However, if you are looking for a more playful way to serve your luxurious drink choose from our top recipes. Our top recommended drink is the Azul Cocktail which is known to be refreshing and bold. In your cocktail shaker add ice, 2oz CLASE AZUL REPOSADO , 3oz blueberry juice, 1 slice jalapeno, 1 slice cucumber, mint, a splash of lime juice, and 1oz soda water. Shake vigorously, pour into your cocktail glass, and garnish with mint leaves. Enjoy!

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