TEQUILA FOR THE WIN - Country Wine & Spirits


When you’re in need of a quick and tasty alcoholic drink, look no further than a make-it-yourself tequila beverage; there are endless amounts of simple and delightful drinks that will suit anyone’s fancy. A ‘Duvall Crawl’ is made with 1.5 oz. tequila, 1.5 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. Melon Liqueur, and 1 tsp. Grenadine. Combine everything in a blender with ice until slushy, pour into chilled champagne glass, and then garnish with a lime slice and cherry for added color and flavor.

A ‘Durango’ is quite refreshing and smooth; it’s made with 1.5 oz. tequila, 1 oz. grapefruit juice, ½ oz. almond extract, mint sprigs, and spring water. Combine tequila, juice, and almond extract with ice, shake well, and then strain into a large tumbler. Add ice, fill with spring water, and then garnish with mint. An ‘Earthquake’ is very sweet; it’s made with 1.5 oz. tequila, 1 tsp. Grenadine, 2 strawberries, 1-2 dashes of orange bitters, and 3 oz. of crushed ice. Combine everything in a blender for 15 seconds, strain straight up, and then garnish with a lime slice and strawberry. It’s pretty and tasty for any occasion.

Have a very refreshing and luxurious tequila cocktail called ‘El Cosmo.’ It’s made with 1.5 oz. Azunia Platinum Tequila, ½ oz. Azunia Organic Agave Nectar, squeeze of fresh lime, and a splash of cranberry juice. Combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake fast for 5 seconds, strain, and then pour into a martini glass with a lime wedge for a garnish.

An ‘El Diablo’ is a great starter drink for the night; its’ made with 1 oz. tequila, 1 oz. lime juice, ½ oz. Crème de Casis, and ½ cup ginger ale. Mix everything but the ginger ale in a tall glass, add the ginger ale, and then garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy responsibly.