Easy Margarita Recipes To Share With Friends

Easy Margarita Recipes To Share With Friends - Country Wine & Spirits

Easy Margarita Recipes To Share With Friends

Margarita drinks are symbolic of a good time. Anytime anyone is throwing a party with Margaritas, there is an intention to have fun. Everybody has a certain relationship with tequila, the only proven alcohol to give you energy rather than make you sleepy. 

Originating in the 17th century somewhere in Mexico, the Margarita can bring people together all over the globe. It is a shockingly simple drink, made only of Tequila, lime, triple sec, and ice. 

It is one of those drinks that can be made and thoroughly enjoyed, without the finest of ingredients. The nicer the tequila, the nicer the Margarita. However, most of these ingredients are found all over the world.

One wonderful thing about the Margarita is that it can be customized in its classic form. Having a rim of salt, or without, being served on ice, or straight up. It is a beverage that can be adapted. 

Some adaptations of this drink are quite complicated and have many steps. We have chosen three easy Margarita recipes that you can make without fuss for a group of friends. We are sure that these Margarita drinks are going be a big hit.

Tommy’s Margarita

Sometimes people might not have the time, or will to go through the process of making a cocktail. It can be a lengthy process to acquire specific ingredients, and also laborious to prepare them. This next drink is a solution to these issues.

The Tommy’s Margarita is probably the easiest Margarita recipe. It is incredibly clean and refreshing. Omitting the triple sec, that is replaced with agave, creates a truly pure flavor. The balance in this drink is simply perfect. 


2 ounces of Tequila

1 ounce of lime juice, freshly squeezed

½ an ounce of agave syrup

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail and shake vigorously over ice. Serve in a tumbler over ice. 

Note that Tommy’s Margarita is not supposed to be served with a salted rim. This removes one step from the process, making it the easiest Margarita drink to make. 

Triple Berry Margarita

This drink requires more preparation than Tommy’s, but can also be prepared ahead of time for ease. The berries add a different level of sweetness, tartness, and of course color to this drink. It is truly stunning and sure to be a real crowd-pleaser.


1 and one-half ounces of Tequila

1 ounce of lime juice, freshly squeezed

½ an ounce of crème de mûre

½ an ounce of agave

3 raspberries

2 blackberries

Place the berries and lime juice into the bottom of a shaker and muddle. Add the rest of the ingredients, along with ice, and shake. Double strain into a tumbler full of ice.

This drink is sure to impress at a barbecue, birthday party, or casual summer lunch. It is not one of the easier Margarita recipes but it is worth the effort. If wanting to prepare, you can simply blend or juice the fruit and strain it beforehand, combining it with the other ingredients to make a big batch at once.

Double straining the cocktail ensures that no seeds or fibrous elements from the berries enter the drink. The use of crème de mûre gives an extra depth to this drink, pairing beautifully with the acidity of the fresh fruits.

Frozen Passionfruit Margarita

Another favorite for a cold day, the frozen Margarita has found a home in the summer. Every festival, food truck gathering, Mexican bar has a frozen Margarita maker. It’s one of those drinks that has a real sweet spot. After a few minutes, the ice starts to melt from a slushie-type consistency to a wonderfully refreshing mouthful.

Often these frozen Margarita makers will dispense berry flavors for their color. However, the passionfruit brings out a zing that allows this drink to stay flavorful, even when diluted. The lime and passionfruit work together to make this drink pop.

Don’t be mistaken, you don’t need a fancy slushie machine to make this Margarita drink. Any at-home blender will be able to combine these ingredients as if they were professionally made.


1 and a half ounces Tequila

½ an ounce triple sec

1 ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed

½ an ounce passionfruit pureé

Fill your glass of choice with ice, just shy of the rim. Pour that ice into a blender along with all the ingredients. Blend on high until all the ingredients are combined. Pour back into the glass and enjoy.

What makes this an easy margarita recipe is that if you have a big blender, you can make a big, fresh batch at a time. Having a garden party with friends in the summer can become that much easier when you can pop inside and make a new batch with ease. 

These are three of our recommendations of easy Margarita recipes to drink with friends. Hopefully, these will give you some new ideas for the next time you host a gathering. The secret to any Margarita recipe is the balance between citrus and sweetness. Always make a taster make sure they suit your palate.

Whether you wish to make these drinks individually, or in a big batch, they are delicious Margarita recipes to drink with friends. Cocktail preparation can often be laborious, so it is important to have easily prepared options. Having a helper always makes this process go easier.

Make sure to always provide constant hydration to your group of friends when drinking these Margaritas. Despite the seemingly paired perfectly with a hot summer day, they can get you quite drunk. Ensure you provide plenty of water alongside these drinks to keep your friends well hydrated.