5 Emerging Trends In Wine Consumption 5 Emerging Trends In Wine Consumption

5 Emerging Trends In Wine Consumption

5 Emerging Trends In Wine Consumption

Analyzing and observing wine lifestyle behavior in the United States was just a mere exercise for wine industry sleuths until a few years ago. However, the ever-growing millennial consumption of wine has turned the tables on the past trends in wine consumption.

If you are a person who loves to drink wine products, then you might be a little eager to know what is happening in the world of wine and what the emerging trends in wine consumption are. Below are a few trends uncovered by the market researchers and panelists:


1. Dining Out More

Recent studies conducted by many experts have revealed that high frequency wine consumers feel a lot better about their finances when compared to the general population. Studies pointed out that approximately 20 percent of wine drinkers prefer to dine out and spend more on wine products.

2. Wine Spending is up

Reports submitted by several market researchers indicate that alcohol consumers spent approximately 4.4 percent more on wine and 4.7 percent more in spirits in the year 2016. The research also identified that beer and spirit lovers still preferred to drink wine. In a recent survey, about 57 percent of craft beer drinkers admitted that they drank the same amount of wine as that of beer in the last year.

3. The Discovery Continues

You might be surprised to know the fact that the fastest growing categories of wine are not traditional picks such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Some of the top candidates in the fastest growing wine categories are Prosecco, the red blends from California, French Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc.

4. Cans are a Thing

Many American citizens prefer to buy wines that are stored in cans rather than buying bottled wine products. Market researchers do admit that “cans are a thing” now, but they are not sure whether it will last for much longer. This is because the taste of canned wine might not be that appealing to many wine lovers.

5. Popular Brands and Their Prices


Wine lovers have shifted their focus to higher-priced wines in the last few years. This has resulted in a hike in the prices of several higher-priced wines. In addition to that, marketers also identified that the new, high-quality wine products launched by many popular brands were highly welcomed by the wine lovers.