11 Things You Need To Know About Peanut Butter Whiskey 11 Things You Need To Know About Peanut Butter Whiskey

11 Things You Need To Know About Peanut Butter Whiskey

11 Things You Need To Know About Peanut Butter Whiskey

Could anything get more American than peanut butter whiskey? They are things that you wouldn’t normally think to pair together but make so much sense. Though whiskey is now produced worldwide, the greatest concentration and variation comes in the US. Though peanuts and peanut butter are found all over the globe, there is nowhere that it is found woven into the cuisine as it is in America.

Peanut butter makes up a third of the contents of the most iconic American childhood snack, a PB&J. Even as we grow older, we still crave those childhood comforts, and so peanut butter remains a favorite with children and adults alike. 

Whiskey drinking culture is vast in America. There are the purists, the single malt drunk neat on a warm Southern evening, or a drop spray of water or soda at most. There are also the un-fussy, those looking to get through a bottle of Jack Daniels to have a great time. All of these mindsets, and everything in between, are welcome in America.

We are going to relay the 11 things that you need to know that will inspire you to get involved with peanut butter whiskey. We will then give you some insight into the best peanut butter whiskey brands in our opinion.

What It Is?

peanut butter whiskey

Peanut butter whiskey can be described as a type of whiskey that has the flavor and aroma of peanut butter. The answer to how it is made has a range of answers. Some brands, like other flavored liqueur, use artificial flavoring. Others use real peanuts, peanut oil, or an essence derived from the nut.

By having these different inputs of peanut flavor, along with different whiskies as bases, a variety of different flavors of peanut butter whiskey is on the market. We will go into more detail about what combinations contribute to the best peanut butter whiskey later on.

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Where It Originated?

There is some contention as to this fact as there often is with inventions. There used to be a drink known as Peanut Lolita that was sold as a low-strength spirit/liqueur in Pennsylvania in the 1960s-70s. 

In more recent times, however, peanut butter whiskey has re-entered the zeitgeist of beverage culture. Skrewball out of San Diego, CA, has also claimed to invent the spirit. Around July 2018, the product was released to the public. It was so well received that it won the award for best-flavored whiskey at the 2019 New York World Wine and Spirits competition.

These are the two most significant pieces of information on where the product originated. In our opinion, Skrewball can lay claim to the modern interpretation of peanut butter whiskey. We are certain that many people have had the idea over the years.

It Has An Amazing Smell

smell of whiskey

It’s important to gain a little more understanding about the makeup of peanut butter whiskey, and why it is so adored and enjoyed. As with many flavored spirits, the smell has an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. Sweet peanut dishes come to mind, such as Reece's peanut butter products, peanut milkshakes, and other sugar-bolstered peanut butter dishes.

The smell often has some maple/honey notes, with the earthiness that follows comes from the peanuts. Though the products often share a similar smell, they do often taste rather different.

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It Has A Unique Taste

Peanut butter whiskey doesn’t actually taste too much like whiskey. It does taste a lot more like a liqueur, something like the aftertaste of Baileys, or in the field of Francangelico. There is the presence of vanilla, and sweet maple, with an earthiness underlying. 

There is always the presence and existence of peanuts, though it doesn't actually taste a huge amount like peanut butter.

It Has Relatively Low Alcohol For Whiskey

peanut butter whiskey has low alcohol

The standard strength for most commercially bought whiskies is 80 proof. Many bottles actually exceed this, especially cask strength, small batch produced, and limited edition bottles. Peanut butter whiskey is regularly bottled at around 70 proof, making it noticeably less strong.

This is usually the same for all flavored liqueurs. The sugar that is added isn’t easily soluble in alcohol, and so the spirit must be diluted slightly so that the sugar can dissolve.

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Peanut Butter Whiskey Is Actually A Whiskey Liqueur

A liqueur, by definition, is a drink that is made with base alcohol, flavored and sweetened by extracts and botanicals. To be a spirit, the whiskey is normally 80 proof and above. This means that peanut butter whiskey is actually a whiskey liqueur.

It uses whiskey as the base spirit, bolstered by the sweetness and flavoring of the peanut butter in whatever form it is added.

How It Is Normally Drunk?

drink whiskey

As the drink is not normally made with the highest quality whiskey, it is not normally drunk as the whiskey purists would have it. It is normally consumed in shot form, in a cocktail, and often poured over ice cream!

These are all standard methods, though we can think of some better ones. Why not try adding it to a milkshake for a wonderful flavor bomb?

It Is Perfect For Cocktails


Most cocktails need or greatly benefit from some sweetness. Any method that contributes to this without simply adding sugar is great for the overall flavor. So, peanut whiskey is a product that you want on your cocktail-making team!

One favorite of ours is a peanut butter and jelly cocktail. Simply add two parts of your favorite peanut butter whiskey alongside one part of Chambord to a rocks glass. Add ice and stir like you would an old fashioned and serve!

Another great idea is a boozy ice coffee. Add one part fresh espresso to one part peanut butter whiskey, then add one part of your favorite coffee liqueur. Add a bunch of ice and stir briefly before adding in your favorite milk and serve!

They Have Won Awards

As previously mentioned, peanut butter brands have actually won many coveted awards for spirits! Specifically, the Skrewball brand that claims to have invented the drink. Not only have they won double gold for the award for the best whiskey flavor at the New York World Wine and Spirits competition in 2019, but also in 2018. 

Since then, they have gone on to win numerous awards for business and flavor, both marketing awards and taste awards. There are other emerging candidates for the best peanut butter whiskey, however. Ole Smoky Distillery’s peanut butter whiskey has won ten widely respected awards in the year 2020. There is a rivalry brewing!

It Makes A Wonderful Gift

We think that alcohol gifts can be too expected sometimes. Buying someone their favorite bottle of something is a great gift, however, it is sometimes a better move to chance it and give a lesser-known gift. Now that we know all the best ways to drink this fantastic drink, why not gift peanut butter whiskey to a loved one who enjoys a drink, and has a sweet tooth?

You Can Buy It Online At CWS!

peanut butter whiskey

You might be puzzled about where to buy peanut butter whiskey if you’ve never seen it on shelves before. We don’t blame you! It hasn’t gained that level of popularity yet. Here at CWS, we have a range of peanut butter whiskies for you to try.

Knucklenoggin has produced one of the best bottles. The creators of the famous salted caramel whiskey have dipped their toe into this emerging market for a carefully crafted bottle of peanut butter whiskey.

Skrewball is the godfather of peanut butter whiskies. This is probably the best of the peanut butter whiskey brands. Perfectly crafted to give all the elements you desire in this drink.