Health Benefits Of Whiskey Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Whiskey is a delicious drink, enjoyed by so many. Shaken into cocktails, stirred with mixers, or simply enjoyed neat, whiskey is a wonderful spirit perfect for so many occasions! 

There’s nothing like taking some quality time with loved ones and sharing a few tasty beverages. Now, as with everything good, whiskey should be enjoyed in moderation. However, did you know there are benefits to drinking whiskey? That’s right! Your favorite spirit is actually good for you!

Seems too good to be true? Read on to discover some health benefits of whiskey! Next time you’re sipping on a glass of this tasty spirit, remember you don’t have to feel guilty about your choice, as this fantastic drink has some great health properties.

Health Benefits of Whiskey

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

risk of heart diseases

Many of us have an awareness of our cardiovascular health in this modern-day, and for a good reason, as cardiovascular disease is globally the biggest killer. We must remember to take care of our hearts!

Luckily, whiskey is a drink we can enjoy guilt-free in this regard. In fact, many studies show that responsible and moderate whiskey consumption can actually be good for our hearts. For example, a recent study by trusted Harvard researchers found that when consumed moderately, alcohol can increase the amount of ‘good cholesterol’ in the blood. 

This is great news, as the presence of good cholesterol helps to serve as a natural barrier against heart disease. Thus, whiskey can be good for health, as it reduces the risk of heart disease and heart failure.

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Fighting Cancer

fightning cancer

Cancer is the second biggest killer globally these days, with over 1.6 million people in the United States being diagnosed last year. Many of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetimes, either directly or indirectly. Now, no one is claiming that whiskey is a life-saving cancer treatment. However, when consumed sensibly, it may be able to help.

Whiskey contains ellagic acid, which helps absorb rogue cells into the body. This cancer-fighting acid is also present in fruit and wine but is found in higher quantities in whiskey. Next time you’re reaching for your evening drink, skip the vino and head straight to the whiskey!

Supports Weight Loss

help in weight loss

Many of us are looking to lose a little extra belly fat. Alcohol can be very high in calories and sugar, which is bad news for our waistlines! However, whiskey contains very little sodium and no fat. 

Plus, compared to beer, whiskey is much better for weight loss. We’ve all seen cases of bloated ‘beer bellies’, as people lose muscle definition due to high levels of beer consumption. On the other hand, whiskey has much fewer calories and is not carbonated, and therefore you can enjoy this spirit whilst still having a great time.

Stress Reduction

stress reduction

The everyday stresses and strains of life can leave us all feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Having a ritualistic glass of whiskey at the end of the day is a great way to take the edge off. Plus, alcohol is widely known for its calming and relaxing qualities. Therefore, a health benefit of whiskey is its capacity to help us wind down.

It is important to note that alcohol dependency is not healthy. If consumed excessively or abused, then is not beneficial for health, and can cause increased stress and anxiety. 

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Control of Diabetes Risk

Control of Diabetes Risk

The benefits of drinking whiskey make it a great spirit if you are at risk of diabetes. Other alcohols that have much higher sugar content are far more dangerous. On the other hand, whiskey contains simple sugars, which are easy for your body to digest and break down. 

Some studies show that when consumed in moderation, whiskey can help improve your body's natural capacity to regulate glucose and insulin levels. Fantastic news if you are worried about diabetes!

Lower Risk of Dementia

Lower Risk of Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common and heartbreaking diseases facing our beloved elderly population. Scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure, but as of yet, there is none. It is a disease we still know relatively little about. Many scientists suggest taking preventative measures to help avoid the disease.

This 2003 study indicates that those who consumed whiskey moderately were less likely to develop dementia than heavy drinks and nondrinkers. But again please always drink sensibly and with caution. One of the benefits of drinking whiskey every day in small doses promotes a sustained suppression to the onset of dementia.

Fighting Your Cold

fightning with cold

The infamous Hot Toddie is a great way to fight the common cold! The whiskey helps to dilate blood vessels, making it easier for mucus membranes to fight off infection. So go for it, brew yourself a glass of ginger, lemon, and honey with a generous splash of whiskey! One of the great benefits of drinking whiskey before bed is that it can work overnight, thus allowing you to wake up feeling fresh after your body and the whiskey have been fighting all night.

Aids Digestion

aids digestion

We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable bloat after a big meal when our eyes have been too big for our bellies. Whiskey is great for aiding digestion, as it is high-proof, which helps to stimulate the release of digestive enzymes. These enzymes are an essential part of the overall digestive process! Thus, one of the great benefits of whiskey is that it can help sort us out when we’ve been over-indulgent. 

Nighttime can be a difficult time for those with digestive issues. One of the benefits of drinking whiskey before bed is that it can potentially subdue some of these issues and help you get better sleep.

Reduces Blood Clotting

blood clotting

Whiskey is a natural blood thinner and significantly reduces blood clotting. If your body is clotting to stop an internal injury bleeding, this can be very dangerous. The spread of these clots to other parts of the blood system can have terrible and fatal results. 

Therefore, whiskey helps to thin the blood and is good for health as can help prevent excessive clotting and strokes.

Immune System Boost

immunity boost

As mentioned before, whiskey helps fight the common cold. Whiskey can also be great at preventing you from catching a cold in the first place! This is because it can help boost the immune system, as whiskey contains ellagic acid. This ellagic acid helps support the immune system in fighting off diseases.

We bet you didn’t know all of these health benefits of whiskey! Though we do not recommend you go out and polish off as much of the sauce as you can, we definitely do recommend enjoying it responsibly. Shop on our website now for some of the best whiskies around.