Is Casamigos Tequila Good - Everything You Need To Know Is Casamigos Tequila Good - Everything You Need To Know

Is Casamigos Tequila Good - Everything You Need To Know

Is Casamigos Tequila Good - Everything You Need To Know

There has been an immense wave of celebrities starting alcohol companies in the last few decades. Seemingly in line with the global takeover of tequila, many celebrities have started a variety of alcohol companies as a means of income and interest. Who wouldn’t want to have an unlimited supply of booze?

Casamigos tequila was seemingly present at the start of this movement. George Clooney and a couple of less well-known friends created this brand in 2013. Since then, countless celebrities have done the same thing. This could be because it is appealing to have an unlimited amount of tequila to drink, but there was another reason.

Casamigos was sold for 1 billion dollars after a few years at the top of the market. But at this huge price tag, is it actually worth it or is it because of the fame it garnered? Is Casamigos good? Or is it just an easy sell for vendors? We believe the answer to ‘is Casamigos good?’ is yes! We’re going to explain why.

History Behind Casamigos

Casamigos has become one of the world’s premier tequila brands. Started by the Hollywood legend George Clooney, the entrepreneur Mike Meldman and the restaurateur Rande Gerber in 2013, it has become an award-winning spirit brand well-known worldwide. What does Casamigos mean? It translates to ‘House of Friends’, telling the story of the three founders.

Tequila is always made from the Agave plant. Native to the mountainous regions of Mexico, Casamigos only produce tequila from hand-selected Blue Weber Agaves in the Jalisco region, making it very special. 

While initially never intending to release it to the public, the trio has now established an exquisite line of spirits on the world spirit market. Their tequilas are distilled through a 72-hour roast and 80-hour fermentation. That is a 152-hour process against the 55-hour standard of other mainstream tequilas in the market. 

The Casamigos tequila alcohol percentage is the industry minimum of 40% or 80 proof. This makes it the perfect level of booziness while allowing the flavors to come through.

What Products Does Casamigos Have?

As with most high-quality tequila brands, Casamigos follow the path of focusing only on three tequilas. When you buy Casamigos tequila, you can choose from Casamigos Blanco, Casamigos Reposado, and Casamigos Añejo. 

We will now describe the production process of the three tequilas, and what differentiates them in this way. We will go into detail about taste, including flavor and aroma later on.

All three Casamigos tequila are made from Blue Weber agave plants, harvested in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico. The heart of the agave plants is extracted, roasted, combined with water, and left to ferment.

This fermentation process goes on for 80 hours, creating a delicious, complex flavor. The liquid is then distilled, removing impurities and refining the flavor. It is then that the varieties differentiate.

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Casamigos Blanco

#8 in Tequila




The Casamigos Blanco is extracted straight out of the stills and bottled. This is a more raw product, with a lot more bite and pepperiness than the other varieties. It has a crystal clear color and is the cheapest of the three varieties.

Casamigos Reposado 





The Casamigos Reposado has been aged in white American oak barrels for around 7 months. This is not the longest aging process for a reposado, which gives it the pale golden color it has gained its fame for. This bottle has a more rounded flavor to it that is palatable for most drinkers.

Casamigos Añejo





The best Casamigos tequila. It is not found in many stores as it is quite valuable, and often a ‘special occasion drink. It has been aged for 14 months in the same white American oak barrels, presenting a dark, deep brown color. We definitely think this añejo is worth the price tag.

Casamigos also have a Mezcal that is incredible. It does not follow the same production process as the tequilas, though it has the same incredibly high standard. You don’t have to ask ‘is Casamigos good’ when discussing this Mezcal, that’s for sure. This Casamigos alcohol percent is also 40% or 90 proof.

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What Does Casamigos Tequila Taste Like?

The Blanco is very light and served wonderfully and simply over ice. It is the favorite ingredient for cocktails of the three varieties. For example, a classic margarita, or a cucumber mint and lime margarita.

  • Appearance: Crystal clear.
  • Aroma: Hints of citrus and sweet agave.
  • Taste: Smooth and subtle, with different pepper front notes of the Reposado. It has more of a herbaceous bite, like that of a jalapeño. At the back end, hints of grapefruit and vanilla.
  • Age and ABV: Casamigos Blanco is rested for 2 months in stainless steel, with an ABV of 40%.

Perfect to be drunk over ice on a warm day. When looking at Casamigos Reposado vs Blanco, the Blanco when compared with Casamigos flavors comes across as much more subtle and delicate.

It is a great base for a Picante cocktail to support the subtle spice flavors. For a Picante cocktail, a chili salt rim is recommended to balance the sharpness of the chili and tequila.

The Reposado will be the most familiar flavor profile for tequila drinkers. It can be drunk straight, over ice, or paired beautifully in a cocktail. Without being harsh, the Reposado has the more traditional sweet and spicy complex flavors associated with tequila.

  • Appearance: A golden, honey color, with a slight pink hue. Still, it is pale and transparent.
  • Aroma: Caramel with hints of cocoa.
  • Taste: Peppery-ness from the spicy oak. They were followed by sweetness and depth from the roasted agave. Finished with notes of dried fruits from the barrel. Sharp, yet smooth.
  • Age and ABV: Casamigos Reposado tequila is aged in American oak for seven months with an ABV of 40%. This gives it the perfect balance of punch, and smoothness whenever you drink it.

The Reposado is the staple of the Casamigos flavors. It is perfect to be drunk over ice, or diluted with a little bit of soda water for a refreshing drink. Of course, it works amazingly in a margarita, particularly a Tommy’s to allow the tequila to stand out.

The Añejo’s aging process for all of the Casamigos tequilas produces this rich golden product. After spending twice as long in the aging barrels as the Reposado, the Añejo brings a much sweeter profile to the table. It is certainly the smoothest, easily sipped straight. However, perhaps not the option if you are looking for the bite other tequilas provide.

  • Appearance: Rich caramel.
  • Aroma: Soft caramel and vanilla notes.
  • Taste: Primarily a sweet, full-bodied beverage. Full of the rich honey sweetness, paired with a bit of back-end pepperiness from the fermentation process.
  • Age and ABV: Casamigos Añejo is aged for 14 months in premium white American oak, with an ABV of 40%. This is a little bit longer than the standard aging time, giving it a richer, more esteemed flavor.

The Añejo is the best example of the Casamigos tequila flavors innovation. This is the drink most recommended to be drunk alone. The subtleties and depth of flavor are still apparent when mixed with lime or other classic tequila cocktail ingredients. However, it is intended to be drunk on its own.

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So all in all, we definitely think Casamigos tequila is good. We truly believe it is excellent tequila! There are other bottles that are perhaps more affordable, though we think you cannot save on quality. Have a look at our website for some great deals on Casamigos tequila!