9 Best Anejo Tequila To Enjoy In 2023

Best Anejo Tequila To Enjoy

9 Best Anejo Tequila To Enjoy In 2023

For those of us who like tequila, we know that añejo is the cream of the crop. Aged for around a year in the finest white oak barrels from America and occasionally France, this agave-based spirit is incredible. The regulated nature of the tequila-making process creates a fine spirit in any form, but the aging process produces a spirit that is so soft and smooth, yet deeply flavorful.

Añejo is never meant to be mixed. Drink it with a single cube or a minimal amount of ice. You can expect to find a deep, mellow sweetness likened to that of butterscotch, with some wonderful vanilla moments from the aging. This is followed by the bright citrus notes of the tequila, with a long and delicious finish.

In this list, we will examine a range of añejo tequilas. We will have a look at, in our opinion, the best añejo tequila and the best extra añejo tequila. These are top-shelf items, however, and we realize that you might want to dip your toe in before committing financially. That’s why we’ve also included the best añejo tequila for under 100 dollars. These will still be some of the best añejos for sipping though so don’t think it is not worth savoring!



One of the more familiar names on this list would be Herradura. Priced at a fantastic $55 on our website, this is a great way to enter the kingdom of añejo bliss. They have been making tequila since 1870 and have been amazingly consistent ever since. They create a product that is affordable and delicious. This works amazingly well with a couple of ice cubes on a hot day.

They use modern refining practices to fill their high demand. This means that the tequila is not made in the same ancient way as it was a long time ago, but it is still some of the best cheap añejo tequila.

Tequila Mandala

Tequila Mandala Anejo (750ml)

This incredible tequila comes in one of our favorite bottles. This beautiful tequila has been aged for a full year in French oak barrels, providing the hint of oaky spice, alongside a myriad of delicate citrus notes, rounded by the supple sweetness of the añejo.

This bottle works just as well as an ornament as it does for storing your new favorite tequila! Tequila Mandala has only been making tequila since 2016, but they are already masters of their craft. Their añejo boasts incredible maturity for such a recently made product. The notes of charred honey in this bottle will leave your soul happy.

Gran Coramino

Gran Coramino Anejo (750ml)

Specially distilled to be silky smooth, this añejo tequila is sure to be your new favorite spirit. Bottled in this sleek obelisk-resembling bottle, Gran Coramino is a unique expression of tequila in harmony. The distillers take some of the batches that have been aged in American oak and combine it with some that have been aged in French. They then mix those two with the same batch that has been maturing in ex-cognac casks.

The result is a multi-dimensional, flavorful, delicious tequila. Notes of rich honey, coffee, cinnamon, and mineral fruit can be detected on the palate, blended with the deeply sweet, balanced body of the tequila. It is a true sipping tequila that we absolutely adore at CWS.

Tres Mujeres Extra Añejo Dark

Tres Mujeres Extra Anejo Dark (750ml)

This is some of the best extra añejo tequila on the market. This tequila listens to classical music while the agave ferments, with the distillers claiming that it adds to the indescribable smoothness. Though it comes in a gothic-style black bottle, this tequila is warming and soothing while also being deeply sweet and satisfying.

The process of the Tres Mujeres distillers has an intuitive, artisanal approach. They adjust every aspect of the process according to how the tequila is coming out, the conditions, and perhaps their instincts. It is available at a remarkably low price on our site right now!

Patron Añejo Sherry Cask

Brand - Patron Tequila Patron Anejo Sherry Cask

This is one of our favorite and best añejo tequila for under 100 dollars. Patron Brand is the most famous tequila in the world, but this product largely goes under the radar when considered against their flagship products. This tequila is aged for over 2 years in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. 

The sherry cask donates an incredible, unusual minerality to the tequila. The overall drinking experience is incredibly smooth with an added stone fruit complexity to the taste. There is fruits galore in this delightfully smooth, heartwarming añejo tequila.

San Matias Rey Sol Extra Añejo

San Matias Rey Sol Extra Anejo Tequila (750ml)

This mind-blowingly delicious extra añejo is a real step up from the previous options in terms of both price and flavor. With incredible, rich, sweet flavors, held together in a wonderful balance, this tequila is a moment to be savored.

Enjoy this by the sip, taking in each delicious moment of tequila perfection.

Clase Azul Añejo


This is the pinnacle of this list. This tequila is absolutely incredible. Served in handcrafted, traditional vessels, this tequila is incredibly smooth and delicious beyond imagination. This amber-colored beauty has an intensity that is rarely found in tequila. Expect a full-bodied weight to this tequila.

Elevated flavors should be expected to be found in this majestic bottle. Notes of cooked apple, butterscotch, charred honey, and lightly spiced oak are found in perfect harmony here.

Komos Extra Añejo

Brand - Komos Komos Extra Anejo (750ml)

This is some of the best extra añejo tequila you can find. It is one of Komos’ famous, high-end tequilas. Luxurious notes of cooked agave, grapefruit, bright citrus notes, and warmingly deep butterscotch are all present here. You really have to try it to experience it in its full glory.

SWOl Añejo Tequila Peach Mini

SWOL Anejo Tequila Peach Mini (50ml)

This is our fun little way of giving an easy option when it comes to deciding which añejo to buy. Some of these choices have a heftier price tag than you might be used to with other tequilas. This is why we’ve got this little beauty that won’t break the bank! Enjoy it at your leisure or on any long car/train ride.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our incredible list of añejo tequilas! They are certainly the most prestigious and heavenly-tasting tequilas on the market, but it’s good to think before you commit to a higher price tag. Have a look across our website for more info and for any of these delicious bottles to be delivered straight to your door!

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