Elmer T. LEE Bourbon Review Elmer T. LEE Bourbon Review

Elmer T. LEE Bourbon Review

Elmer T. LEE Bourbon Review

Elmer T. Lee whiskey is produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort. The distillery is home to many other whiskies like Blanton’s, Eagle Rare 10 year old, Rock Hill Farms, Eagle Rare 17 year old, and Hancock Reserve.

The beverage is named after the Distiller Emeritus or the Master Distiller of the distillery from where the drink comes. Elmer T. Lee is single barrel bourbon, and unlike most of the bourbons, this one does not carry the age statement.

Usually, the drink is bottled when the manufacturers find that the barrel is at its peak. The bourbon is priced only a few dollars more than many regular straight bourbons, and the whiskey is very much approachable for a novice.


The drink looks deep red or gold in the bottle. It is very rare to see this color in a whiskey, as the color represents a great deal of aging and maturity. The whiskey should be much older to have this color and should be about four times more expensive.

The drink leaves a thicker coating on the whiskey glass on swirling and has a heavier body and more legs than Buffalo Trace or George T. Stagg bourbons.

First Impression and Taste


The first impression of the drink offer apricots, toffee, some spiciness, and a faint trace of leather and marzipan. Elmer T. Lee is a great full bodied, but somewhat delicate whiskey, which is very smooth to drink.

The drink tastes of toffee, apricot, and corn, and offers a medium mouth feel. The feel is more like a good Armagnac than like a Cognac. The drink gives a nice warming feel while going down and without the burn that you would have expected for the price.

Elmer T. Lee can be great in any drink calling for bourbon and has the body and taste to stand up to anything that you mix with the drink. It mix very well and does not overwhelm drinks.


The bottle has rounded edges and the gold sealing wax offers a nice effect to it. The medallion type impressions provided on the sides of the bottle make it easy to grip and pour, unlike many other square bottles of bourbon you get in the market these days.