Some Exceptional Tequila You Can Get Under $50 Some Exceptional Tequila You Can Get Under $50

Some Exceptional Tequila You Can Get Under $50

Some Exceptional Tequila You Can Get Under $50

7 Exceptional Tequilas Under $50

Tequila is probably the most unanimously adored spirit. For every occasion, be it at a party, in a cocktail, or sipping at home, there are few that wouldn’t enjoy tequila. It tends to have fewer adverse effects on people and is known to have a mild hangover.

The fact that it is the only spirit that is an upper ensures drinkers always have a memorable time when they consume it. The only problem with tequila is that it can be expensive. Tequila that is served in clubs is often the cheaper stuff, which can taste horrible.

Affordable tequila can be hard to find in shops. Tequila bottle prices can get incredibly high, but here are some of the best tequila under $50.

1. Tequila Corralejo Triple Distilled - $49.99 (Currently 15% off)


Corralejo Tequila is one of the finest tequila brands found overseas. Brewed only from the finest blue weber agave musts, Corralejo has gained international acclaim.

The triple distilled product has sweet and soft aromas, with balanced, fruity tones. 

It is a truly balanced flavor, with limited spice and pepperiness. The fruit and sweetness really come through.

This tequila is recommended to enjoy on the rocks, or simply neat. It is quite a mild flavor and might get lost lend enough weight to a cocktail. It would be an amazing tequila to do as shots as well.

2. Mico Añejo Tequila - $44.99 (Currently 18% off)

The añejo from Mico Tequila is some of the best tequila under $50. Despite tequila bottle prices being higher than ever, Mico añejo is one way to get seriously good cheap tequila. 

The master distiller creates small batches, finding the optimum balance between sweetness, spice, and flavor. The añejo is aged for a minimum of 16 months in whiskey barrels, giving it the sweet rounded bourbon experience. 

As it is an añejo, it is a deeper, richer flavor. The primary notes are complex tobacco, spice, and dried fruit-forward. 

Definitely to be enjoyed neat, or with a small amount of ice, or water.

3. Patron Silver Tequila - $44.99 (Currently 25% off)

Patron Silver Tequila

Despite it being a universally known product, Patron Silver is a truly stellar product. At 25% off, this is a sure-fire way to get good cheap tequila. Other Patron Tequila bottle prices can get extremely high, but this is an amazing way of enjoying top drawer tequila without breaking the bank.

This affordable tequila has a very citrus-forward flavor. Followed closely by a light pepper spice, finishing with a sweet, floral flavor. 

This is a great option to get to know, as you can find it in most places. This can be enjoyed as a shot at a bar, or drunk neat in a relaxing setting.

4. Herradura Reposado Tequila - $48.99 (Currently 15% off)

As the first distillery to produce reposado tequila, Herradura is one of the godfathers of tequila. They introduced the world to reposado in 1974, and have been the standard setters ever since. It is always aged longer than the industry standard of 11 months, making it one of the most reasonable tequila bottle prices.

The extra time in the barrel gives the tequila a smooth, sweet finish. There are always the spice notes in there, with hints of butter and vanilla.

It is remarkable that Herradura is an affordable tequila due to its amazing quality and history. This is a perfect tequila to create a classic or innovative cocktail.

5. Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila - $47.99 (Currently 15% off)

Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila

Maestro Dobel is the world's first diamante tequila. It is a truly revolutionary drink. Essentially a reposado, the diamante tequila undergoes a proprietary filtration process that removes all color, while maintaining all the flavor.

This is surely one of the best tequilas under $50, being brewed from extra-añejo, añejo, and reposado, it has an amazingly rich flavor. It has a sweet, vanilla, and honey flavor, with a lasting taste that keeps you wanting more.

This is a wonderful way to get good cheap tequila. This bottle is certainly one that can be drunk straight or on the rocks.

6. Avión Reposado Tequila $44.99 (Currently 15% off)

Made famous for its incredible flavor, and presence in the hit US tv show Entourage, 

Avión Reposado is one of the best tequila under $50. 

A beautifully pale gold color, this reposado has delicate citrus, fruity notes. 

A wonderfully well-balanced, affordable tequila.

7. Volcan De Mi Terra Blanco Tequila - $49.99 (Currently 15% off)

Found in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, the Volcan De Mi Terra Blanco has an incredible flavor profile.

The spice and pepperiness are combined beautifully with the fruity notes of cherry and pear in this Blanco. It finishes with distinct grapefruit and black pepper crispness found only in this incredible blend.

Enjoyed wonderfully over ice or in a simply made margarita.