The Vodka Spectrum: Understanding Different Vodka Types

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The Vodka Spectrum: Understanding Different Vodka Types

Vodka is one of the greatest and most widely enjoyed spirits. It tends to be one of the more subtly flavored ones and is therefore more easily enjoyed across various palates and tastes.

The medium-shelf bottles are great for cocktail making, but the top-shelf ones should only be enjoyed delicately. 

Vodka, when made right, is smooth and refreshing. There are common misconceptions about vodka that it is potent, harsh, and nasty. This is because most of the vodkas we can buy in stores are cheap and designed to be affordable. This won’t produce a pleasant drinking experience.

In this piece, we will highlight our favorite 5 different types of vodkas that are great for different purposes. We will discuss which of the different vodka types we think has the most interesting flavor, as well as the ones that work best with different cocktail recipes.

Top Shelf Vodkas

top shelf vodka

Our first recommendation is really going to break open so many doors for you as a vodka drinker. We need to eradicate the trope of vodka being a bad-tasting, cheap booze that is best served with a strong mixer to mask the taste. The only reason people think this is because that is all they know.

We would like to offer a few incredible, top-shelf vodkas from around the world for your consideration. We are certain that these vodkas are going to absolutely blow you away. Please drink these in the same way you would drink a fine wine, with care and an open mind.

Chopin Family Reserve Vodka - This bottle holds the title of the world's first super premium young potato vodka. It has been rested for two years in 50-year-old Polish oak barrels. This allows the vodka to mellow, garnering a slight and subtle range of sweet flavor moments on the palate. This bottle is made with special potatoes with a low starch content, allowing this vodka to reveal its hints of spice and gentle subtle aromas. At CWS it can be found for a fantastic 15% off at the moment!

Beluga Noble Russian Gold Vodka - This super-premium vodka possesses some of the class and stature that we love to see in vodka. Delivered in a large black leather box, they even include a hammer to remove the wax seal at the top. The secret to creating this special vodka is the beautiful artisanal Russian water that is used as the backbone. Certainly one for sipping when cold.

Flavored Vodkas

flavored vodka

Now you might think that this is actually a bit of a joke but some flavored vodkas are actually amazing. Not only are they amazing, but bartenders around the world have utilized their flavor profile (be it slightly artificial-tasting or not) to create some beautiful cocktails.

There are a few front-runners in this game, Absolut probably being the leader in terms of amounts of types of vodka. The different kinds of vodka that they produce are generally very affordable and make it easy and hassle-free to make a beautiful cocktail.

Absolut Mandrin has a wonderfully sweet, light, and delicate citrus flavor. The aroma is refreshing, tantalizing, and downright delicious! We would really recommend this as an addition to any Sex On The Beach cocktail.

My Big Pickle Vodka is a truly unusual product, however, it actually serves a wonderful purpose in a Bloody Mary cocktail. The briny, salty, and mineral flavors of the pickle brine really add so much depth and level to the cocktail. Add a shot of this to your mixture next time you go for brunch!

Fruit Vodkas

fruit vodka

I know what you might be thinking, but we are not repeating ourselves. There is a distinction between vodka that tastes like fruit and vodka made from fruit! With all spirits, they require a base. The unique thing about vodka is it can be made using some really unique ingredients for a spirit. Potato vodka is famous, but have you ever heard of fruit vodka?

Out of all the vodka different vodka types, this is the least common. Most tend to be made with grains: wheat, barley, and malt are common. These are less easily distinguishable in flavor and mouth feel.

Crystal Head Vodka - A now famous brand due to its striking bottle, celebrity owner, and incredible flavor. Dan Akeroyd of Ghost Busters and Blues Brothers fame started this company to achieve an incredible vodka. Made with peaches and cream corn, combined with the crystal clear, pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada, they have done just that. This mid-shelf vodka comes in a beautiful transparent glass skull bottle that can serve as an ornament when the vodka is all gone.

Hangar 1 Vodka - A Californian-based brand that started by noticing a gap in the market. The owners decided to combine grapes with a variety of Midwestern grapes for a perfect blend, creating a wonderful vodka. They ensure to only source fruits at the peak of their ripeness, resulting in a wonderfully sweet, flavor-filled vodka range. At CWS, we’re offering a great deal for 4 of their varieties for just over $20 a bottle!

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Rye Vodka

rye vodka

Another variety that is not the most popular vodka type is Rye vodka. Rye is used a lot in whiskey production, but mostly to achieve an interesting, spiced flavor. This unique, complex flavor is less present in vodka, though it is still there! We think it works really well alongside the wonderful minerality that is achieved through the distillation process.

Reyeka Vodka - This Icelandic vodka is made with some of the purest glacial water in the world. They use native ingredients in unique ways, such as lava rocks for distillation. They use local rye which makes this brand incredibly low impact on the environment!

American Vodka

american vodka

There are some things that America does really, really well. Second probably only to Mexico, they are among the best growers of corn in the world. This would stand to reason that they would probably be quite proficient at making delicious booze out of corn!

Tito’s Handmade Vodka - Thi vodka has seen a soar in popularity recently, winning all sorts of awards. You can find it on ever-increasing amounts of bar tops around the world. There are many different kinds of vodka, but this one is unique as it is mass-produced and handmade! Tito’s handmade vodka is one of the new most popular vodkas because it tastes amazing. Simple as that.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about the vodka spectrum, and our breakdown on the different types of vodka. There will likely be some that we left out, though we feel these are the most popular and emerging types of vodka around. Have a look across our website for some amazing deals on different types of vodka!