Cognac is a brandy that has become one of the most refined, classy spirits. Hailing from a small town in France, the brown liquor has been enjoyed all over the world. Quite often it is a more expensive choice than other spirits, but for good reason. 

As is frequently the French way, to be cognac, you have to go through a strict production process. Specific, apparently bad-tasting grapes are picked. They are then fermented and twice distilled in copper pot stills. After all of this, they must be aged for at least 2 years.

It is hard work to create the tastiest cognac brands. In this piece, we will share what we think are the best cognac brands.


Definitely one of the top cognac brands in terms of popularity. Hennessy has become fully immersed in popular culture, popping up in songs, films, music videos, and the like. Despite it regularly being the least expensive cognac, it is still one of the top cognac drinks.

The aromas are dominated by a mixed wood blend. There is a nutty, warm pecan element to the smell as well. It is quite a fruit-forward cognac, with a punchy apple, grape flavor. 

Hennessy is 80 proof, packing a punch, but still smooth. It is often mixed with mixers or served on ice, though you can happily drink it neat.


A slight step up in price sees us land at the second-best known cognac. This is certainly the second of the top cognac brands in terms of popularity. It features in so many song lyrics, can be found in any supermarket, and there’s a reason why.

It is such a smooth flavor for such a relatively cheap cognac. Again it possesses the aromas of fresh, light fruit on the nose. Quite a delicate beginning followed by dried fruit, stone, and sweet spice. This introduces a reasonably dry finish.

Again this brandy is 80 proof. It is often mixed with a bit of coke, but can be drunk on the rocks or neat. One of the top cognac drinks is a Courvoisier and coke.

De Luze Extra Delight Cognac 

If you are looking to splash some cash on one of the top cognac drinks then De Luze Extra Delight Cognac is a great option. They have a unique philosophy when it comes to production: nothing is taken away. There is no filtering process, only the best grapes go straight into distillation.

The single barrel finished cognac is blended with Eaux-de-vie made from grapes grown at Domaine Boinaud. It is then aged way beyond the minimum of 2 years, creating an incredible finish.

The recommended method to drink this cognac is to let it breathe for 30 seconds before drinking. What you will experience is likely to be floral, candied fruit-focused. The taste is rich and balanced, with some fig, coffee, and walnut finishings.

D’USSÉ XO Cognac

D’USSÉ is one of the best cognac brands in the world. They have such a refined production process, only producing two products. The VSOP is certainly more common, however, we feel the XO needs a little bit of recognition.

Aged for a minimum of 10 years in French oak barrels, D’USSÉ confidently assures the utmost complexity and depth of flavor. The eau-de-vie is hand-selected by the Maître de Chai, ensuring this product is never lacking.

This sinister bottle is perhaps not the aesthetic everyone is after. The dark, gothic look might be a bit offputting. However, the rich berry fruit flavor, layered with dark chocolate and walnut is something everyone can get behind. Unusually, as well as suggesting it drunk neat, D’USSÉ recommends this as part of a premium cocktail. 

These are just four of our favorite cognacs. Despite them being a premium spirit, and often costing a lot, the best cognac drinks will seldom disappoint. We always feel that they work so well as an after-dinner drink, or to have alongside a desert, by a fire.

When looking to buy spirits online, the best cognacs are labeled as such for a reason. They all implore attention to detail, consistency, and flavor across their array of products. You can’t put a foot wrong going with any of these brands.