Cognac brandy, which is named after the French town, is recognized as one of the finest spirits ever distilled from grapes. It takes its name from the wine growing region that surrounds the town, and remains one of the most popular spirits among drinkers worldwide due to its fine blend and unique flavor.

Cognac is a highly versatile drink that caters to the needs of all kinds of users. Many leading brands offer cognac in a variety of flavors, and the pricing and design of the bottles ensure its reputation among drinkers. There are rich and expensive packages to single vintage in cognac brandy, and there are many affordable bottles too. Given below are some of the best bottles of cognac from around the world that is suitable for every drinker.

Tesseron Extra Legende

Tesseron Extra Legende is a light and rich flavored cognac. It is blended from over 50 eaux de vie and is usually aged 25 years. The cognac is produced in small batches and has a characteristic taste resembling honey, vanilla, with other caramel flavors in between, and slight fruity tastes of lemon and pineapple at the palate.

Martell Cordon Bleu

This signature blend, which had its origins in 1912, is a delicate balance of many flavors like pear and vanilla. The company released a limited edition bottle for its 300th anniversary, which is highly sought over due to it being aged in barrels made from a 300-year-old oak tree. For rye whiskey lovers, this is the best cognac to look for.

Premier Voyage

A product of the legendary blend that the founder John Martell produced in 1715, Premier Voyage cognac is an excellent reproduction of this century-old blend. Available in a limited edition of only 300 bottles, the elegant flavor and aging have made it the best cognac for its exorbitant pricing.

Hennessy VS

This is an affordable product offered by Hennessy and is flavored on a mix of honey with slight amounts of peaches and other floral notes. It remains a good choice for whiskey drinkers due to the lesser sweet notes and syrup like qualities.

Courvoisier V.S.O.P

This unique blend from Courvoisier has a characteristic flavor of peach and jasmine notes. It is the ideal choice for making cocktails due to its spicy endnotes, which makes it a popular choice among drinkers.