Top 11 Wines For Your Christmas Dinner

Top 11 Wines For Your Christmas Dinner

Top 11 Wines For Your Christmas Dinner

We love the time of year when the holiday season is in full swing. This wonderful time between Thanksgiving and Christmas really brings people together. Post-Thanksgiving the weather is generally cold, the shopping is always necessary, and the food is constant. We all try and live our healthiest lives between the end of November and December, though there are so many temptations!

Those of us who are involved in making our families’ big festive meals will know that a lot of planning goes into it. Whether we are replicating traditions of recent years or trying out something new altogether, it makes it so much easier to be one step ahead.

At CWS, we believe in wine's ability to help make these good times great. Having the ability to kick off a meal, help bring out the best of the food, and help wind it down, wine is a big meal’s best friend. 

Wine is often given less consideration for these big meals. Acquiring a plethora of reds is quite standard, with a couple of whites for those who prefer that. Will will offer up some options, with some reasoning behind our choices.

Best Wines For Your Christmas Dinner

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

What a way to kick off the meal. This bottle of sparkling wine is sure to get the group in the mood with some deliciously crisp, flavorful bubbles that get the tastebuds going and the tummies rumbling! There are notes of bright citrus, toasted honey, and sweet apples on the palate, making this a beautifully well-rounded bottle of sparkling wine.

Lanson Le Black Label Brut Champagne

A small step up in price from the last bottle of sparkling will deliver this beautiful, incredibly affordable bottle of champagne. This seemingly never-ending stream of bubbles is guaranteed to ignite your guests into a loving, exciting conversation. Champagne is always one of the best Christmas wines. It helps to get people relaxed and in the mood to be around each other and enjoy great food.

Earl Stevens Watermelon Sparkling Wine

If you know someone who likes the sweet side of drinks, this is one of the best wine as Christmas gifts. Made with delicious, meticulously created sparkling wine as the base, this bottle is laden with naturally bright and mellow watermelon flavors. 

A glass of this is almost too easy to drink. When served chilled, it can accompany any starter or pre-meal nibble you can think of. The best Christmas wine is sometimes the one that is least expected, and the most memorable!

Earl Stevens Cotton Candy Sparkling Wine

Want something even sweeter? This cotton candy sparkling wine is definitely close to the best wine as Christmas gifts. With a delightfully crisp, bubbly sparkling wine as the base, this bottle has some unusual yet welcomed cotton candy flavorings strewn through it. Why not try giving this to your nearly-turned-21-year-old who isn’t quite ready for the good stuff?

Just The Tipsy Sparkling Rose

With a wonderfully deep, rich Syrah base, this sparkling rose wine is sure to get more than a few chuckles out of your loved ones. This hilariously shaped bottle is easy to bring a smile to anyone's face. It’s also a brilliant option to bring out if guests get a bit toasty and you are 

running late with your Christmas meal!

Sensi Pinot Noir Rose Prosecco

The last of our bubble-based options sees this incredible sparkling rose become an option. Served in a stunning silver bottle, looking as majestic as a Christmas tree! With a delicious texture, a perfect level of bubbles, and a lovely flavor profile, this bottle of prosecco will be a great addition to your pre-dinner spread.

Notes of red berries dance around the mouth as this prosecco cools down the nerves and the body as you drink it. It accompanies any little starter nibble, which is really handy!

Calera Central Coast Chardonnay 2018

Now time to get on to some of the best wine for Christmas dinner. It’s a little harder to pair sparkling wine with food, especially the range that finds itself at the Christmas table. This Chardonnay is a beautiful, versatile option that supports many different choices for main courses. 

The obvious pairing for white wine is poultry. Chicken or turkey are the common options, however, we believe this Chardonnay has more versatility. With bright acidity and mellow minerality, this Chardonnay can stand up to a lovely beef roast, or nut roast as a vegetarian option.

Glunz Family Winery and Cellars, Viognier

Christmas wine is Christmas wine, no matter where you are in the world. In Italy, Viognier is a commonly loved wine during this time of the year. As a lovely medium-bodied wine, has a lot of complexity that some other more common Christmas wines do not possess.

Notes of apricot, tangerine, and pear complement some of the most classic and adored Christmas flavors. Sweet potato, roasted potato, and green vegetables are all supremely elevated by this bottle.

Charles Woodson's Intercept Chardonnay 2018

Our last bottle of white wine comes as a really wonderful, incredibly priced bottle. Charles Woodson's Intercept Chardonnay is probably our fullest-bodied white on this list and serves as a wonderful option for those wine lovers who might prefer reds though the menu lends itself to white options.

2019 Familia Correa Lisoni Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first red option really ticks all the boxes. As a Cab Sav we can expect a delightfully full body. What is also prevalent is a juicy, robust red fruit flavor profile. Moments of blackberry, cherries, and slightly spiced oak are found throughout this bottle. Order today to save $4 on each bottle!


Our final and 11th bottle of wine for Christmas coms in the form of this beautifully presented pinot noir. Surely the best red wine for a Christmas gift, this pinot has an interesting combination of ripe fruit and tart fruit flavors throughout.

Coming in this stunning, timeless-looking bottle, this pinot is on the slightly more expensive side. This will be a fantastic option for wine lovers who like to bring out the nice stuff for the end of the meal.

We hope you really enjoyed some of our favorite wines to have during your Christmas dinner. We know you’re going to have a great time including some heart-warming laughs, touching moments, and new memories to enjoy with these bottles in tow.