Raise Your Glass: How To Drink Tequila Like a Pro

How To Drink Tequila Like a Pro

Raise Your Glass: How To Drink Tequila Like a Pro

Tequila probably has the most nuance when it comes to drinking technique. We all know that wine requires a specific drinking method to get the full tasting experience. Swirling the liquid around a specific glass shape before looking at it, smelling it, taking a sip, and then swooshing it around your mouth.

This technique is a mystery to most. There are definitely benefits to drinking in this specific way though. The shade and appearance of the wine will inform you of how old it might be, how full-bodied it is, and how rich it will be. The smell (as some of us will now know) makes up for a large portion of our tasting capabilities. The swooshing around helps it to be tasted by the whole mouth and get a proper drinking experience. There is a method to the madness.

These drinking techniques have translated over to spirits now as well. How many times have you seen a gin or whiskey tasting at a distillery? Making spirits is a fine art and they should be treated in the same respect as wine, in our opinion.

When it comes to tequila, a slightly different approach has to be taken. When wondering how to drink tequila, you must first consider the product. Companies make cheap tequilas on purpose as they are a favorite to be taken as shots in clubs. This won’t require as much tasting, however, it does have its own method.

We will outline a few different categories of tequila drinking and how they might inform different drinking practices. We will tell you the best way to drink tequila depending on the variety and the occasion. We will inform you how to drink reposado tequila, how to drink anejo tequila, how to drink tequila shots, and more!


tequila Shots

Tequila shots, for those who enjoy them, are one of life’s great joys. Tequila shots are normally drunk at a bar or in a club to help people unwind and enjoy their night out, do some dancing, and have a good time with friends. Shots normally utilize lower-quality tequilas that can often burn or make you wince.

For these lower-quality shots, there is a method. The method involves salt and lime. What you want to do is lick the back of your hand, pour some salt on it until it sticks, and prepare a lime wedge. Lick the salt off your hand, do the shot, then squeeze the lime in your mouth. The salt and lime will help to numb and change the flavor respectively. 

You can also take some pretty decent tequila in a shot, in which case you won’t need to go through this process. We recommend going for blanco tequilas as they have a good bite and will be less expensive than aged tequilas.



Blanco is the unaged, slightly more raw version of the three classic tequila varieties. It often has a delectable citrus note with some moments of sweetness in addition to its peppery bite. As Blanco is unaged, it is the cheaper option and makes it prone to being used in shots and cocktails.

If you want to make a margarita like a pro, use a blanco. If you want to be professional with any tequila cocktail, use a blanco. The subtleties that tequila garners in its aging process will be lost in the mix so it is best to use this less refined expression.

If you want to taste the blanco tequila for quality, we recommend adding it to a small tumbler or snifter and giving it a good smell before tasting. Try and open your mouth a tad as you drink down the tequila. If you want to simply sip this tequila, it is common to drink blanco with one or two ice cubes.

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Reposado tequila

Reposado tequila tends to be aged for around 3 months. During this time it picks up some lovely sweet notes, moments of vanilla, a little bit of oaky spice, and other complexities depending on the maker. Reposado is a versatile and delicious tequila option that can work for all sorts of different occasions.

When wondering how to drink reposado tequila, you can go in one of two ways. You can drink it with a cube or two of ice and a splash of lime. This will bring out some amazing flavors and really bring life to the tequila. Alternatively, you can sip it neat. Both are equally accepted in the tequila community.



When it comes to anejo, there is only really one option. This tequila has been aged for around a year in oak barrels and picks up some incredible, buttery sweetness in that time. It boasts a rich and deep flavor profile that is supple in texture and simultaneously robust and delicate in flavor at once.

Anejo tequila should only really be sipped neat. Any ice will dilute it to a place you don’t want it to go. The best way to enjoy tequila in anejo form is in a snifter or tumbler without any ice or water. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about how to drink to tequila like a pro. This is our guideline that we feel will apply to pretty much every tequila. One of the great things about tequila is that it has very specific classifications, making many rules widely applicable to the market. Have a look through our online store to pick out your new favorite tequila today.