Four Interesting Facts about Macallan Scotch

Four Interesting Facts about Macallan Scotch - Country Wine & Spirits

Four Interesting Facts about Macallan Scotch

Macallan whiskey comes to the name via a church on the estate grounds that was sacred to the monk St. Fillan, providing the “Ellan” part of the name. Also, “Magh” is a Gaelic word meaning “fertile ground.” Together they form the original name of the grounds of the Macallan Estate, Maghellan.

1. The Myth

Although the distillery wasn’t founded until 1824, it is well-known among residents of the area that farmers have been making whiskey in the area for centuries. In 2018, during preparations to build a new distillery, archeological evidence was uncovered suggesting that people had been working and living in the area for almost 4000 years!

2. The Sherry Casks

Macallan Scotch

The traditional sherry oak casks used in distilling Macallan whiskey come from the most carefully-selected trees. “Tree to finished cask” companies select the best oak trees, prepare them extensively, and then season them for a year and a half before sending them to the Macallan distillery. These casks are integral to the distinctive flavor of Macallan scotch and are a vital part of the distillation process. They are what gives Macallan its unique taste!

3. The Fishing Spot

Fishing the River Spey has long been associated with the Macallan Estate. At one time “a popular salmon fishing beat,” Atlantic Salmon populations have recently declined. Macallan has undertaken serious conservation efforts for this endangered fish. Along with making the best Macallan scotch, these efforts are part of a long tradition of respecting the natural world and the ways it contributes to the whiskey-making process.

4. The Rare Packaging

If you’re serious about Macallan whiskey price must sometimes be no object. Some Macallan is released in special and limited editions. In honor of the estate’s founder, Captain John Grant, the Tales of the Macallan Volume 1 scotch comes in “a Lalique crystal decanter” inside a book full of illustrations of the Captain’s life. The Anecdotes of Ages limited release features labels by British pop artist Sir Peter Blake on a select 1967 whiskey. Don’t let the Macallan whiskey price put you off - this superior whiskey is worth it!

But distillers aren’t the only experts at the distillery. The bartenders at the Macallan Distillery Bar sell liquors online across the Macallan scotch price range and have created the best cocktails to enjoy the taste of Macallan whiskey with the best Macallan scotch. The Garden of Legacy combines a 12-Year-Old scotch with Pink Grapefruit juice and soda for a refreshing beverage. Inspired by the River Spey, the One Hundred and Seven combines 12-Year-old scotch with Oloroso Sherry and ginger ale, linking together different parts, and eras, of the Macallan story.