Some Interesting Facts you Should Know about Sherry

Some Interesting Facts you Should Know about Sherry - Country Wine & Spirits

Some Interesting Facts you Should Know about Sherry


It is one of the world’s oldest wines, it held a revered place through many of history's greatest empires. The British, Spanish, Roman, Greek, and Phoenicians all regularly enjoyed Sherry. The Sherry alcohol percentage is often high.

The city of Cádiz, in southwestern Spain, became a place of trade between the Phoenicians and the Spanish. As they established their settlement, the Phoenicians likely brought grapes with them. 

By the time the Romans conquered the land, viticulture was at the forefront of their empire. Soon, Ceretanum, or “wine from Ceret” was being spread around the Roman empire as an early version of Sherry.



As a fortified wine, Sherry has an interesting taste and aromatic combination. Many people wonder, is Sherry wine sweet? It can certainly be sweet, but the high Sherry alcohol percentage makes it powerful as well.

What is Sherry alcohol in terms of flavor? It is often described to have nutty, saline flavors. When wondering is Sherry a wine, the answer must be that it is like a first cousin. 


There are 7 main varietals of Sherry. These 7 can be broken down into the 3 main groups: light-bodied, full-bodied, and sweet. When thinking is Sherry a wine, you must consider it so to pair with food.

Fino is a sherry wine that is on the lighter side. It has a citrus flavor that goes well with all tapas.

Amontillado is an older Fino. It has a deeper flavor that goes great with poultry.

Pedro Ximénez is a sweeter Sherry that goes great with tiramisu or a chocolate brownie. When asking is Sherry wine sweet, look to Pedro Ximénez to answer the question.