Perfect Appetite Wines For Scorching Hot Summers

Perfect Appetite Wines For Scorching Hot Summers - Country Wine & Spirits

Perfect Appetite Wines For Scorching Hot Summers

The summer heat induces wine gourmets to many individuals, even as social drinkers become fully aware of the variety of grapes for harvesting. Among the popular choices to order alcohol online, are the different types of red wines made from any of the following varieties of grapes. In fact, the following choices were deemed perfect for summer with an odd reservation suggested on the alcoholic content of the drink.

1. The French Gamay


The Parisians dating back to the historic Burgundy would remember dinnertime stories of the autumn wine, Beaujolais Nouveau. Gamay is the name of a grape, used to make purple color wines. During summer, the best variety from Europe tastes of flavor-rich cherry, dry fruit, and even peppercorn.

2. The Italian Nebbiolo

Being a wine gourmet, it will be easy to taste the frothy wines such as the Barolo and pass on remarks for respective clients and social drinkers. The Nebbiolo can be made with light alcoholic content too, not just the “come have a sip” wines with heavy price tags. These grapes are handpicked from the vineyards in the Piedmont region of Italy, bordering France and Switzerland.

3. Pinot Noir Hangover

One may recall the movie “Sideways” wherein filmmaker Alexander Payne put this variety of grape wine as one of the characters amid two friends who traveled to Santa Ynez Valley. That is in the movies and in real life, the Pinot Noir tastes even better. The wine made from Pinot Noir is usually served along to patrons in aromatic flavors of strawberry and even black cherry.

4. Tempranillo with Amigos


The summer time often warrants homemade wines made from the Tempranillo, which is said to be a cousin-grape of Pinot Noir. The Spanish vineyards yield the Tempranillo for treats that are mostly blended in distilleries to make delicious local wines.

You get red wines that balance frothiness with fruit-rich flavor if you order alcohol online with some care. Summer demands wines that are less in alcohol, as is evident from André Hueston Mack who advocates social drinkers to “consume wines on the lighter side”. Jokes apart, perhaps there would not be much to actually regret if you go for the heavy drinks.