Most Expensive Cocktails In The World

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Most Expensive Cocktails In The World

Cocktails are generally quite expensive. If a beer costs around $5, a glass of wine about $6, it’s not uncommon for a cocktail to set you back around $12-$14. Along with that, they are also normally much smaller and are drunk faster. But oh my, they are good.

What makes a great cocktail is a good flavor balance. Each cocktail has a different aim. Some are heavier on the booze flavor, like a martini. Others are intentionally sweeter, like a Piña Colada. Others have a more considered balance, like a Margarita

There truly is something for everyone when it comes to cocktails. You can simply choose any kind of spirit you like, and start with a classic cocktail. If you’re a whiskey drinker, an Old Fashioned is a great place to start. If you love gin, a Southside is a great go-to. 

Despite their accessibility, in this piece we will be looking at the drinks only very few people will get to try. We will take you through the story behind the most expensive drink in the world. 


Located all over the world, the most expensive cocktail is unexpected, lavish, and unnecessary. However, it exists, and we are going to tell you about it.

1. Diamond Cocktail - $4350

Taking a trip to the hotel district of London’s Park Lane, the Sheraton Park Hotel has a drink to tempt all those with deep pockets. With a significant drop in price from the previous two cocktails, this drink might actually be getting close to worth it.

Opening originally in 1927, this grand building blends perfectly into the infrastructure of Park Lane. The Diamond Cocktail maintains that aspiration for a perfect blend by using only top-quality ingredients.

Two cognacs, priced at around $1000 each make up the spirits of this drink. They are secretive with the other aspects of their process, but they are forthright about including a floating diamond within the drink. They are somewhat flexible on the stone, acquiring rubies when requested.

This is another example of some quality ingredients being included in an expensive drink. We cannot recommend anyone necessarily purchase this, but we are intrigued about what it would taste like!

2. Martini On The Rock - $10,000

The Algonquin Hotel resides in the heart of New York City. A city ladened with stories old and new, and lots of ways to spend a lot of money. This tied-for-second place cocktail is no different.

Requiring a three-day notice before ordering, this Martini is without frills, aside from the ten grand rock. Looking for the most expensive drink in the world that is also customizable? Then check out this Martini on the Rock! Have this martini in a Vesper, or even dirty.

The owner of this upmarket establishment claims this diamond is a show of love, perhaps to use in a proposal for the one you love the most. It is a costly showing, but one that brings people in.

The bar itself has transformed over the years. Once being an elitist cove, it now serves as a watering hole for locals and internationals alike, albeit it only being affordable for the extraordinarily rich.

3. Ono Champagne Cocktail - $10,000


When many people think of decadence, you think of Champagne and Las Vegas. This is where you will find the second most expensive cocktail in the world. The ingredients for this drink blend beautifully together, in a gorgeous fruity combination. This sweet cocktail is delicious and refreshing.

The ingredients consist of cognac, champagne, rose nectar, orange juice, and apricot puree. The cognac is where the bulk of the price comes from. It is a Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl cognac, a limited edition variety around $60,000 to $100,000 a bottle. Apparently, less than 800 of these were made. You cannot buy this by the shot, it is only for the cocktail.

The champagne used is also rare, costing roughly $500 per bottle. It is a Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie. You do end up getting the entire bottle with this cocktail so it is worth it if you are a lover of champagne.

The two alcohols are combined in a flute, with the rose and fruit ingredients. The drink-making process is described as “very ceremonial”. It involves around 20 staff, well equipped with sparklers and such, parading around the venue. 

This drink is designed for couples. It includes a set of sterling silver Mont Blanc cufflinks, as well as an 18-carat gold necklace with a black pearl and a diamond. The owner explains that many of the people who purchase this experience are either lovers of attention or recent big-winners on the casino floor.

4. The Diamonds Are Forever Martini - $22,000

The most expensive drink in the world. At many people’s yearly salary, this drink is beyond indulgent. Served in the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, at ‘The Bar’, this drink sits in a tax bracket of its own. 

By looking at the recipe and the reviews, this drink is outrageously priced. Created with only Elyx vodka and lime juice, this martini is a simple flavor experience. What sets it apart from other drinks is the one-carat diamond placed inside. 

The price of a one-carat diamond is only $16,000 (maximum). The vodka is around $35, and the lime juice is even less than $1. We’re not sure exactly how this all adds up but it has certainly made a name for the branch of the famous hotel!

There you have our list of the most expensive cocktails. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about them, and are even tempted to try them! We like to think that at least most of these insanely lavish gifts are intended for loved ones. Go on, if you’ve got the spare cash, spoil someone you care about today!