Mixers to Make your Alcohol Healthy Mixers to Make your Alcohol Healthy

Mixers to Make your Alcohol Healthy

Mixers to Make your Alcohol Healthy

Many health specialists do not approve drinking alcohol, but that does not make drinking any less fun. You can add mixers to the drink to mitigate the harmful effects of drinking. There are many mixers that just don’t make liquor more palatable, but also make it a tad healthier. These mixers can be found in any drink menu or you may mix them yourself.


Water is a very good mixer that is free of calories and artificial ingredients. Mixing water to alcohol is better than mixing soda or juice, as it will not add any calories and increase the volume of the drink. Vodka tastes best when mixed with water. To make the drink, mix about four ounces of water to an ounce of Vodka, and top it with a splash of cranberry juice.

Hot Sauce

Sauce can give your drink a kick without adding many calories. We all know that alcohol increases appetite, but a spicy cocktail can help you minimize damage by enhancing metabolism. Hot sauce would be great with an ounce of Vodka and 4 ounces of tomato.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, unlike lemonade, does not contribute many calories to your drink, but offers a juicy citrus flavor that makes the drink much more pleasant. Lemon juice can be great with an ounce of Gin, and a teaspoon of sugar.


This fruit is made of more than ninety percent water and is naturally sweet. Frozen watermelon can offer a slushy and satisfying drink without adding any sugar or other artificial ingredients to it. The fruit also adds a dose of fibers and this can help manage alcohol-fuelled appetite. Watermelon can go with an ounce of Tequila or Rum.

Iced Green Tea

Many researches have shown that green tea contains polypehnols that have great antioxidant properties. These components can help protect liver from alcohol-induced damages. Green tea goes best with an ounce of Bourbon in ice.


Ice is a very commonly used mixture. Ice takes up space in the glass and does not leave much room for alcohol, helping you to decrease your alcohol intake. In addition to that, when ice melts it waters down the drink.