How Long Does An Open Bottle Of Wine Last

How Long Does An Open Bottle Of Wine Last - Country Wine & Spirits

How Long Does An Open Bottle Of Wine Last

Wine is one of the most popular alcohol drinks in the world and is enjoyed by alcohol lovers from all around the world. There are plenty of different types of wineproducts available to us in the market and each of them offers an incredible experience to the drinker.

Nonetheless, many wine lovers have a doubt on how long does wine last after the bottle is opened. Although that entirely depends on how well the wine is being stored by the manufacturer, it significantly varies in different types of wine.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

If you have a sparkling wine stopper, then sparkling wine will last for about 1-3 days in your refrigerator after it is opened. This is because this type of wine loses its carbonation property at a rapid pace. However, the case is a bit different when we consider traditional method sparkling wines such as Champagne c or Cava.

These sparkling wines will last a little bit longer than other tank method sparkling wines, such as Prosecco. Most of the traditional method wines have a higher concentration of bubbles in them when they are bottled, which is the reason why they last longer than other sparkling wines.

Light White, Sweet White, and Rosé Wine

Many studies have revealed that most of the red wines and light colored wines will be suitable for drinking for about a week if the bottles were stored in the refrigerator, closed with a cork. However, you might be able to detect a slight change in the taste after a day, which is due to the oxidation of wine.

In addition to that, you will be also able to identify that the fruity characters of this drink are becoming less vibrant with each passing day, and a week-old opened wine bottle wouldn’t be the one you would prefer serving to your guests.

Full-Bodied White Wine

Full-bodied white wine will last for approximately 3-5 days in the refrigerator, when closed with a cork. However, full-bodied white wine such as Viognier and oaked Chardonnay oxidize much rapidly. This is because they are exposed to a greater amount of oxygen during the pre-bottling aging process.

If you want full-bodied white wine to last for 3-5 days, then you should always keep them in the fridge and ensure that they are corked properly. If you love to drink this type of wine, then investing in vacuum caps is even wiser.