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Fun Rum

Rum is fun. If you know how to drink it or mix it well, then it makes it quite tasty. Rum is definitely one of the best spirits to drink during the hot summer months. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ you probably know that they regard rum as their most precious treasure.

There’s actually a global day dedicated to the sweet molasses spirit, and it’s on August 16th.  There are so many fun and interesting ways to use rum. You can add some moxie to a mojito by having a little kick added to the mix. A mojito is known for using sugar, rum, mint leaves, sparkling water, and lime juice. But a new recipe was thought of by La Plage restaurant at the Tom Beach Hotel in St. Barth.

They change the standard mix by adding red chili pepper and mint leaves in a glass, followed by ice, rum, coconut cream milk, and brown sugar. Then they add lime juice and mix it all up, followed by a splash of sparkling water. It’s quite a lovely and fresh summer drink.

If you love sweets, then you will adore a strawberry daiquiri cake. The recipe is made with white or coconut rum, lime juice, zest, sugar, and lots of butter. It’s definitely a yummy treat sure to liven up your senses and put a smile on your face. Rum totally makes the world taste more fun, and even at one point made the world go round for those that sailed the high seas.

The debauched naval officers and ragamuffin pirates loved their rum. You can take a virtual sailing trip around the Islands using the interactive rum map by ‘Coconut Bay Resort’ in the Caribbean, and discover the many different rum distilleries there are on the island, and learn a bit of history about the rums they produce.

There are also rum distilleries that will do rum tours. They can be quite a fun time for those of you rum lovers. Enjoy.