Few Cocktail Trends To Expect In 2017

Few Cocktail Trends To Expect In 2017 - Country Wine & Spirits

Few Cocktail Trends To Expect In 2017

It is true that popular trends play a vital role in predicting the landscape of fashion, food, and even that of cocktails. 2016 was a great year for alcohol lovers and many of them showed great interest towards drinks such as the Jungle Bird and the Harvey Wallbanger.

Many of these concoctions have questioned everything we know about cocktails. However, the arrival of New Year means there will be a lot new techniques and trends in the world of cocktails. Below are a few things, which are expected to grab the attention of alcohol lovers in the year 2017.

Caribbean and Latin American Influences


A few decades ago, Tequila was a native spirit that was served only on the outside of Mexican borders. However, this has changed now. The introduction of Mezcal urged alcohol lovers to try a bit more obscure Mexican spirits such as Sotol and Bacanora.

If this trend continues, many alcohol lovers believe that 2017 will be seeing a lot of Caribbean and South American influences on our drinks with spices like smoked paprika, Jamaican Jerk, and chili powder.

Fermented Beverages

We haven’t seen many cocktails prepared by using fermented beverages. However, this trend is getting a lot popular and many bartenders have already tried to create delicious drinks with fermented beverages. We might soon see libations with ingredients such as coconut kefir, cultured tea, and kombucha in 2017.

Almost all fermented drinks and food items are incredibly delicious and are full of useful probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes, and they offer numerous benefits to your body.

Experts say that the year 2017 might also see a number of health-conscious cocktails. You might even see cocktails made from chia seeds, activated charcoal, and leafy greens.

Personality and Mood Based Cocktails

The most interesting or the weirdest thing about 2017 might be that cocktails would be named based on your emotions and personality. Many alcohol lovers predict that the traditional menu will eventually become outdated, because many bars are naming cocktails based on moods and emotions.

You might have to order a black drink in order for discipline and a red drink in order to boost your confidence. In addition to that, some bars also use scents like smoked pine and cut grass to evoke nostalgic feeling. However, some of the bars in San Francisco are still naming drinks based on astrological signs, record albums, and conspiracy theories.