Demerara Superior High Wine

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Demerara Superior High Wine

The Diamond Distillery is located along the banks of Guyana, and is now a part of Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). The latter’s Demerara Superior High Wine is one of the most common commodities you can find in the local spirit markets. It is a high wine, single-distilled and high-proof. It also forms the base distillate that the DDL manufactures get from Diamond Estate Coffey Still No. 3, one of the most important stills that they use to produce their famous rums.

In The Bottle: 42/60

This spirit comes in a 200 ml bottle, which is a very popular size among the locals for this particular drink, and which fits neatly into everyone’s pocket and can easily be transported. That said, the fact that these drinks come in plastic is a clear letdown, which is especially true considering the impact that plastic bottles are making on the environment. For instance, they contribute harmful chemicals and are impossible to recycle. Besides, a glass bottle is the least you would expect a spirit to be housed in. Although there are admittedly several problems with that, they are not as grave as those posed by plastic bottles.

In The Glass: 51/60

The drink, upon pouring into a Glencairn glass, immediately shows why it is extremely popular among the locals. It has an impressive nose. You get tones of orange peel and banana, along with slight tastes of sugarcane and a very mild scent of mint. Although the drink contains 69 % alcohol by volume, there are very few scents of astringent alcohol reaching the nostrils and that is very impressive indeed.

The High Wine has quite a clear color, with is a slight haze of green that is evident even when it is in the bottle. This product has clearly been stocked within oak for a short period before bottling, which might not be long enough to convey a trace of color, but is sufficient to create a soothing smoothness for the nose.

In The Mouth: 52/60

As for a spirit which has been subjected to one distillation round, along with a 140 proof, this rum is easy on the palate. The drink has a lot of heat, but could be sipped easily without causing considerable discomfort. Besides, it has an oily flavor in the mouth, with intense notes. One should find tastes of sugarcane syrup, orange peel, plenty of banana, grilled pineapple, and many more exotic fruits. The flavors are pretty intense. Apart from these, a smooth mint-like taste lingers throughout the rum, leaving an effect of easing everything and calming down the palate. One would normally be left with a feeling of wanting more. The high wine definitely tastes good in a mojito. When mixed with a diamond splash (a locally produced lemon lime soda), it gave a healthy mix. Although from a different timeline altogether, this spirit has the sort of goodness which is comparable to the classic Don Julio Anejo of old.

In The Throat: 48/60

The Demerara Superior High Wine feels very comfortable when you take the first sip. However, it is easy to delude yourself that this will remain constant as you carry on into the drink. The scenario changes as you take further sips. The throat starts to feel the high intensity after a few more sips. The heat of the spirit accumulates and continues building up as you take further sips, causing further worry for your throat and tonsils. Note that if you mix the spirit with the mojitos as mentioned earlier, there is not much burn to be had. Before bingeing though, remember that these cocktails contain a significant amount of alcohol, and more than one just might be outside of what you can handle in a row.

The Afterburn: 51/60

It can easily be said that the people of Guyana have found a great drink in the Demerara Superior High Wine. This spirit is cheaper than it has a right to be, at least in terms of taste and oomph. Make sure you try it in a Mojito where it can be enjoyed to its fullest, and in a few more formats worth trying, including a high-octane daiquiri, and a high-proof fruit punch. This spirit is almost irresistible when made into a Mojito drink when you have just a single bottle.

Overall, this is a brilliant spirit produced in Guyana by the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). It makes for a brilliant sip spirit initially, but as you get with it, the taste starts to affect your throat. Again, it makes an amazing drink as a Mojito. Make sure this combination is not left untried when you choose to taste it.