A Taste of America: Explore The Best American Whiskey Selection

Best American Whiskey Selection

A Taste of America: Explore The Best American Whiskey Selection

America produces some outstanding whiskey. Like many in the United States, this practice comes from overseas. Scottish and Irish migrants brought over their coveted liquor as a priority. Since then, America has turned it into a version very much their own. 

Whiskey is a spirit that is made from fermented grain mash. It can be made from a range of different grains that produce different varieties of whiskey. The most common grains are barley, malt, wheat, corn, and rye

The best American whiskey uses American ingredients. Ideally, they are regional. America is lucky because they grow all of the crops that are used to make whiskey naturally! The most commonly used grain is malted barley, but rye and corn are definitely well-represented these days.

American whiskey is most commonly produced in select states. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington are home to the biggest distilleries and production facilities. The top-rated American whiskey companies are pretty much all based in either Kentucky or Tennesee.

Different Types of American Whiskey

different types of whiskey

The way American whiskey is normally broken down is by style. In America, the styles are Straight Whiskey, Bourbon, Blended, and Rye. American whiskey is often referred to as ‘straight whiskey’. This just means it is as close to the original whiskies of Scotland and Ireland.

Straight whiskey and bourbon are defined in a really similar way but with a small difference. Both are made up of a fermented cereal grain mash and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years. The finished product must be at least 80 proof. The key difference is that Bourbon has to be 51% corn. 

Blended whiskey, such as Jack Daniel’s, is made by blending several different varieties of whiskey. There aren’t really any rules in terms of the blending process, it is an art form that has been honed by master distillers all over the country.

Rye is a new American favorite. Though it is an ancient crop, this style of whiskey has become more and more prevalent on bar tops and shelves as the days roll on. Expect a much more peppery, flavorful bottle than bourbon.

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How To Properly Taste American Whiskey?

how to taste american whiskey

If you are one of those people who finds it easy to figure out what whiskey they like then you will have a different jumping-off point when it comes to tasting whiskey. Our advice on how to figure out what makes the top-rate American whiskey worth the price comes through the tasting methodology.

First of all, we need the right glassware. There are glasses that are used as standard in whiskey tastings around the world. They are that specific shape so that the aromas flow perfectly out of the glass and give it a chance to breathe. We also want the whiskey to be at room temperature.

We’re going to want to swirl the whiskey around the glass to get the aromas dancing, then we will imbue our nose into it. We want to control our breath here, especially if it is a strong bottle. It can be very overwhelming. Take a gentle sniff and search for smells. It could be leather, food, drinks, places, anything. If you think of an old diner you used to go to, stay with that thought! It could even lead you to something more specific.

Nest we want to taste. Mouthfeel is important, is it soft or dry? Are those same flavors present, or are there others? Once the cacophony of flavors has subsided, what flavor does it leave in your mouth? These are all relevant!

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Recommended Products

Westward American Single Malt - This expression is one of the best American single malt whiskies on the market. This delightfully peaty, smoky, enticing expression has a touch of tobacco, cocoa, and leather. It is one of the best American single malt whiskies that is made today in our opinion.

$83.99 $64.99

Bulleit Bourbon - One of the fastest-growing American whiskies in terms of sales. With a high rye content, this Kentucky-based company produces whiskies that have become favorites for bartenders across the country. It has a wonderfully balanced flavor, making it a great player when it comes to making cocktails. Bulleit is certainly up there with the most popular American whiskey companies at the moment

#10 in Bourbon

Templeton Rye 4 Year - With primary notes of caramel and butterscotch, this bottle of Templeton rye is a delicious, luxurious drink. The rye follows up to balance the rich sweetness with moments of peppery bliss. Enjoy this bottle over ice. Simple and wonderful.

$41.16 $34.99

Cutwater American Rye Whiskey - This bottle of straight rye will take you to the calmest place imaginable. With some divine notes of rye, this bottle is the best drunk in an old-fashioned or Manhattan. 

$46.99 $44.99
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