In the current market of artisanal spirits, craft beer, and organic wine, there are a lot of options. Every day new varieties of alcohols are produced, often by combining elements of two existing products. It is certainly good for the world to be creating, and trying new things.

Amongst all this innovation and change, however, we need some consistency. Bulleit’s bourbon is that for whiskey. In terms of price, it probably sits around the mid-low shelf for brown liquor. In terms of flavor, it is right up there with the very most expensive bottles.

With whiskey production roots going as far back as the 1950s, Bulleit has become an American highlight. It has started to turn almost $3b in profits, going clear of many other household whiskey names.

These are all things we know about Bulleit’s famous Bourbon. Their flavor and status are known globally. Here are a few things you might not have known.

The Bottle Is Named After The Man

Augustus Bulleit first brewed a bottle named after himself in 1830. The original mash bill was around ⅔ rye to ⅓ corn. It’s changed since then to ⅓ rye and ⅔ corn. This gives the bourbon its unique taste. It is way closer to rye than its competitors. 

Augustus Bulleit was become a bit of a myth, shrouded in folklore. Legend has it that one day he loaded up a boat full of barrels of his famous whiskey. He set sail for New Orleans, never turning up. Search parties went out to try and recover him, though they had to give up at the start of the civil war.

In 1987, Augusts’ great-grandson Thomas took over the company. It is thanks to him that it has become a household name in the last couple of decades. He modernized it, taking it into the future, with a firm grasp on the tradition.

Bulleit Rye Was Only Launched In 2011

Despite their flagship product leaning so heavily toward being rye itself, Bulleit only launched a rye whiskey in 2011. Bartenders in California used to bemoan the fact that, when making a rye cocktail, they weren’t able to use Bulleit. Apparently, Thomas got word of this, teaming up with his daughter to produce one. 

Ironically, the rye has become one of the best-selling rye whiskeys around the world. It makes sense, as they are so well equipped with that flavor profile already. The recipe for this rye contains a Heisenberg-esque 95% rye.

It Is Engineered To Pair With Barbecue

Hollis and Tom claim that the palate, aromatic, and bite of the bourbon is designed to pair with barbecue. The notorious southern style of cooking, producing rich, fatty meats is a perfect companion to Bulleit. 

The smokey meat is elevated by the sweet, caramel aromatics of the whiskey. Whereas the barbecue lacks a little bit of subtlety in the aftertaste, the whiskey keeps the taste buds working. 

Yes, The Label Is Intentionally Crooked

Have you ever stared at a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and wondered if you’ve had a few too many? Well, that isn’t the booze talking, it's the slight angle on which the label is laid. The iconic orange or green label is strewn over the bottle intentionally.

Back in the days of Augustus, labels were always thrown on crooked. This was due to the fact that the angel allowed for a bigger font, and therefore allowed it to be seen across the bar. 

They Only Recently Got Their Own Distillery

Despite all their financial success, stellar reputation, and being a well-run business, things only settled for Bulleit recently. In 2017, a distillery opened in Shelbyville, Kentucky. This distillery is now the home of the famous Borbon.

The company has gone through several hands of ownership over the years, and so it is understandable that it took so long to settle. It is there that they produce a staggering 4.1 million gallons of Borboun each year.

Well Deserved Success

Despite all the acclaim we have for Bulleit, you wouldn’t necessarily think that they are one of the most successful American liquors. Well, we are here to tell you that they are. 

They listed annual sales of 500,000 nine-liter cases in 2015. They are now just behind Johnny Walker. This is somewhat unheard of in the competitive game that is whiskey. It is certainly well deserved.

Some Cocktail Ideas

Enough talk about how great this drink is, why don’t we show you. Here are a few Bulleit Bourbon Cocktails you can try with these stellar liquors.

Rye Old Fashioned


2 ounces Bulleit Rye

Dash sugar syrup

Dash angostura bitters

Dash orange bitters


Combine all ingredients in a tumbler. Add ice and stir until the liquid begins to dilute, becoming translucent. Add an orange twist and serve.

Bulleit BLT

This is a cocktail recommendation that comes straight from the source. Tom Bulleit named this drink Betsy’s Little Treat, or BLT for short. They claim it is the best way to drink Bulleit unless neat or on the rocks.


1.25 oz Bulleit Bourbon

4 oz Tonic Water

Lemon Wedge


Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the ingredients, squeezing a lemon wedge inside the cocktail to serve.

Bulleit RGL

This is the second favorite cocktail of the Bulleit family. Perhaps a little bit sweeter, this drink. This is a brilliant cocktail, especially for people who aren’t so keen on tonic water.


1.25 oz Bulleit Rye

4 oz Ginger Beer

Lime Wedge


Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the ingredients, squeezing a lime wedge inside the cocktail to serve.

So there you have some lesser-known facts about a fine American bourbon, including some Bulleit Bourbon cocktails. We hope you enjoy getting to know this brilliant brand.