Crown Royal will be among the first whiskies that you have enjoyed. The whisky was first introduced in 1939 by Seagram to celebrate King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visiting Canada, and it remained a Canadian only product until the end of 1964.

Crown Royal brand was acquired by Diageo in 2000 as a result of the dissolution of Seagram. After the acquisition, there have been many variations and versions of the original whisky. Like many other Canadian whiskies, the Crown Royal is also a blend of many grain whiskies that are of different ages.

Today, Crown Royal is one of the world’s top-selling Canadian whiskies. The signature crown shaped bottle and the drawstring purple bag of the whisky became so popular that it gradually emerged as a household name.

This whisky is a blend of fifty Canadian whiskies and a sip of the whisky will bring hints of vanilla. You will have a rewarding experience, as the drink is aged in white oak barrels.

Some whisky enthusiasts argue that single malt lovers may not like the drink, but that may not be the case for those who love experimenting. However, the rest of the whisky lovers love to have Crown Royal on the rocks, neat, or mixed with coke.


The color of the whisky is medium caramel. You can feel the smell of cloying caramel and light fruits in the glass. The initial aroma of the whisky is made of light fruits, citrus, and light nuttiness. You can also experience little notes of brown sugar, raw grains, and ethereal vanilla as the after smells.

The whole aroma of the drink is topped with a raw note that will surely make you wonder on the ratio of old and young alcohol in the whisky.


You can feel caramel, vanilla, and citrus tastes while drinking Crown Royal whisky. Moreover, you will feel a doughy cakey quality mix, sweetness, and maple syrup taste at the background.


The finish will offer you tastes of caramel syrup, candy corn, vanilla, raw grain, and maples. The finish of the drink is long and slow, and it is a wonderful experience.

Crown Royal has a medium body, a soft and watery texture, and has a small burning taste. It is perfect for parties as well as solo drinking experiences.