Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Review

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Review - Country Wine & Spirits

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Review

You probably do not need to be introduced to Tennessee-based Jack Daniel’s and their flagship Jack Daniels Old No. 7. Having steered clear of the bourbon classification, the distillery reiterates that their spirits undergo the famous Lincoln County Process of filtration, where charcoal is used to take out contaminants and flavors before aging.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select is claimed to have each bottle drawn from a separate barrel, with the bottle’s label displaying the barrel number. They give no age statement, but say that no more than one out of a hundred barrels is considered suitable for selling under the brand. The alcohol content is a decent 47% when bottling.

In the Bottle: 9/10

Each bottle comes with the bottling date printed on the back. The label has a silver and black theme that is elegantly designed. The closure is cork-topped, and overall the bottling manages to look pretty prestigious.

In the Glass: 8.5/10

The spirit is copper-colored, with fast moving legs. The aroma reveals bits of cedar, corn syrup, butterscotch, peppery spice, and vanilla. When decanted, it also gives out notes of butterscotch, oak and honeycomb, orange peel, vanilla, marzipan, and baking spice. The sharpness of it all points to something with a kick.

In the Mouth: 8/10

The first sip gives a firm, palate-wide bite, with flavors of alcohol spice, ginger, and butterscotch, as well as punky corn and wood sap. The follow up consists of a dry and spicy feel, carrying vanilla, butterscotch, and almond hints. You also get a bit of herbs like menthol and tobacco. This makes the whiskey taste noticeably young. When ice is added and allowed to melt, the diluted whiskey is a lot sweeter, with emerging milk chocolate flavors.

In the Throat: 8/10

The body of this drink is somewhere between light and medium, and it delivers a really dry finish. While swallowing, you tend to notice flavors of corn, oak spice, dry tobacco, and light butterscotch. You also get some alcohol burn along with the light baking spices and heated oak spice. A bit of menthol comes through as well, but this is negligible.

The Afterburn: 8/10

Regarding afterburn, this whiskey pretty much disappoints. If you go in expecting something along similar lines to Gentleman Jack, you will not be getting that here. This spirit is more akin to Jack Daniel’s No 7.