Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Tasting Notes

has not always had the best reputation. Known to be one of the cheaper Whiskeys around, the spirit can be found anywhere in the world. Jack Daniels Sinatra blend couldn’t be further from this standard.

With a deep, smokey, oak aroma, Sinatra Jack Daniels is far and away from the original. There are aromatic hints of charcoal, tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, spice, and citrus. The flavor profile is a rich, luscious sweetness that makes this Sinatra Jack Daniels price well worth it. The chocolate, oak, and molasses aftertaste are as soothing as one of the classic Sinatra crooners.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Production Process

Jack Daniel’s

As all Jack Daniels is, the Sinatra Jack Daniels is produced in Tennesse. With at least a majority of 51% corn mash, the whiskey is aged unusually. It is left to mature in new, charred oak barrels. Before the aging, it is filtered through maple charcoal to remove impurities and enhance sweetness.

Made to pay homage on JD’s 100th birthday, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra select is a very limited product. Only 100 barrels were made of this luscious spirit. This is why the Sinatra Jack Daniels price is so steep - it is certainly going to be a collector's item for many.

Master distiller Jeff Arnett hand-selected the 100 barrels to create this signature Jack Daniels Sinatra blend. They wanted to further this unique experience for fans by including a selection of unreleased Sinatra music.

This whiskey is sold at 100 proof, making it one of the stronger spirits sold on the market. Certainly intended to be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks. It is sure to pack a punch, just as Sinatra would have wanted.

Rum remains an extremely popular drink worldwide and is made from sugarcane juices or molasses. First distilled in the Caribbean islands in the 17th century, Rum gradually spread to all parts of the world. Today, Rum brands are of a wide variety that makes it difficult to select. Below is a selection of some of the best Rum brands that you should definitely try.

This famous brand gets its name from Sir Henry Morgan, a Welsh Caribbean privateer who lived in the 17th century. The alcohol company Diageo produces this Rum and it has captivated drinkers worldwide. Captain Morgan White Rum was released recently along with the limited edition Sherry Oak Finished Spiced Rum to compete with other brands.

1. Appleton

This Rum is owned by Gruppo Campari’s Appleton Estate and it has enjoyed steady sales even in times of the decline of many other brands. The distillery also has the reputation of having the oldest Rum that is commercially available – the Appleton Estate 50 Years Jamaica Independence Reserve.

2. Bacardi

Bacardi is the largest family-owned drinks company in the world today. It has many premium blends, the most notable being the Bacardi Reserve Limitada made from the finest Rums and aged as old as ten to sixteen years. The deep gold color and rich taste of dry fruits, oak, and vanilla is the result of its storage in slight charred American white oak barrels.

3. Contessa

Contessa Special XXX Rum won the silver medal at the 2008 Monde Selection and a Bronze at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2007. Produced by the House of Radico Khaitan, who are one of the most prominent Indian spirit makers, this is the only Indian Rum made from cane juice spirit.

4. Montilla

Despite a setback to its sales in the previous five years, Montilla still ranks higher in sales and popularity. Pernod Ricard’s Montilla Rum has its most consumers in Brazil and is named after a Spanish municipality.

5. Brugal

A UK drinks group called Edrington owns Brugal Rum, which is one of the best selling Rums in the Caribbean Islands and Spain. Despite its numerous setbacks in sales, Brugal has managed to grow its sales to 22 percent in the US.

6. Havana Club

Established in 1878 by Jose Archebala in Santa Cruz del Norte Cuba, this Rum has enjoyed increasing sales throughout the years. It is also the most well known Rum brands in the world.