Jagermeister herbal liqueur comes in an iconic green bottle, whose design has a long and interesting history. The delicious drink inside is made from a mysterious, secret recipe that includes 56 herbs and spices. This wonderful fusion combines to help create that distinct botanical flavor. 

Jagermeister is also known as ‘incense wine’. This is a type of wine prepared from distilled alcoholic drinks, with added flavors from fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, and other sweeteners. These infusions makes it sweeter than any other wine. Jagermeister is one of the most popular strong liquors. 

It has 35% ABV and is enjoyed all over the world. It’s fantastically unique and distinctive taste is great to enjoy by itself as a shot, or is also delicious when combined in cocktails such as the popular ‘Jager Bomb’. It’s a great drink for any season, but exceptionally good when served chilled and enjoyed during the winter months, as it helps warm you up from the inside out!

So there’s a brief introduction to this tasty drink. Le’s explore some more fascinating facts about Jagermeister herbal liqueur together!

Origin Story

This sweet alcoholic drink was developed in 1934 by Curt Mast and the recipe has never changed! The Jagermeister history began with Wilhelm Mast - the father of Curt Mast - who was a wine trader in the city of Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Curt Mast had a great passion for spirits and liqueur, and finally took over from his father at the age of 37 to run the business. 

Later on, he found a recipe for a new herbal liqueur that he called "Jagermeister". Curt was an enthusiastic hunter which had an impact on naming his new invention. The name in German means "Master Hunter". Because of the natural green herbs content, it’s believed that the liqueur can treat a number of ailments.

Complex Recipe

Jagermeister is made from a complex combination of over 56 herbs and botanical ingredients. Some of these ingredients inclue: fruits, roots, citrus peel, licorice, anise, poppy seeds, saffron, ginger, juniper berries, ginseng, sugar, and caramel. 

The formula of herbs has remained unchanged since its introduction, and even today, the same method is used for making this iconic liquor. The ingredients are ground, then steeped in water and alcohol for a few days, and then finally the mixture is stored for about a year. 

It’s recommended to store your bottle of Jagermeister in the freezer. This helps keep this wonderful drink preserved, and also makes sure it is ready for serving, as it is best when enjoyed well chilled!

A Year to Produce

Making Jagermeister is a long process that’s definitely worth the wait. It involves numerous steps in production and distilling. The special mixture of ingredients undergoes extensive filtration. The liquor is then stored in oak barrels where it can “breathe” for one year in order to mature. 

After that, the liquor undergoes a series of 383 rigorous quality checks. They include additional filtering with sugar, alcohol, caramel, and enriching it with pure water.

In terms of nutritional content, there are 155 calories in a 1.5oz shot of this Jagermeister.

The Bottle

Jagermeister is produced and bottled in Wolfenbuttel, Germany, as a flagship product of Mast-Jägermeister SE. The brand has grown gradually over the years and recently built an ultra-modern head office in the district. 

The current bottle of Jagermeister is the result of numerous tests, performed in order to find out the most durable bottle to house this fabulous liqueur in. Curt Mast came up with the design of the bottle himself, through testing the bottles by dropping them onto the floor. The one that is used today withstood the unusual testing as the most reliable design! 


Jagermeister has a distinctive logo of the glowing crucifix between the antlers and it comes from the ancient Jagermeister history that tells the story of two patron saints -  Saint Hubertus and Saint Eustace. Saint Hubertus was always haunted by a male deer which gave him immense respect towards all things in nature. 

The story goes that the two patron-saints saw a crucifix between the antlers of the deer during a hunt. Straight after that, they converted to Christianity and led a life of faith and service.

Best Jagermeister recipes

Jagermeister with Vodka

For this delicious cocktail, you’ll need:


  1. Fill your glass with ice.
  2. Shake vodka, Jagermeister and Kahlua with ice in a cocktail shaker until well chilled.
  3. Strain the liquid into your glass.
  4. Finally, add the Grenadine at the end for that gorgeous color and sweetness.

Jager Mate

For this quick and easy drink, you'll need:

  • 45ml Jagermeister
  • 125ml Mate Soft Drink
  • Zest from orange/lemon/grapefruits.


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
  2. Add in the Jagermeister, and top up with your Mate Soft Drink.
  3. Sprinkle the fruit zests on top and gently stir.

Jagermeister Review and its Effects

What does Jagermeister taste like?

It has a strong taste of flowers mixed with spices, roots, and other herbal flavors. It’s naturally sweet and thick. It tastes almost medicinal.

Is it vegan?

Jagermeister is made only from natural ingredients and is vegan.

What are the Jagermeister effects?

Jagermeister has a high alcohol content of 35% vol. but it’s easy to drink and it doesn’t upset the stomach like other alcohols, such as beer for example. The combination of herbs may contribute to good digestion and sleep. 

Additionally, Jagermesiter is famed for drinker’s claims that is does not give hangovers, especially when compared to most other common alcohols of even lower alcohol content. 

It also might be great for helping to treat cold and cough symptoms as well as a sore throat. Try adding a splash to a hot ginger-lemon tea!

Jagermeister Herbal Liqueur

So there we have it, some fascinating facts about Jagermeister. All that’s left now is to give this delicious herbal liquor a try yourself!