A Quick Review of the Alberta Springs Canadian Whisky

A Quick Review of the Alberta Springs Canadian Whisky - Country Wine & Spirits

A Quick Review of the Alberta Springs Canadian Whisky

Alberta Springs Canadian whisky comes in a cool wooden box and proclaims the ‘Alberta’ heritage. Originally, Alberta Springs was a 100% rye whisky, but in the early to mid 90’s, Alberta Distilleries Limited (ADL) started distilling some corn also with the rye blend. It was still blended to the same taste profile though. Besides, they also use computerized machineries and a quality assurance panel to ensure that the flavor of the whisky does not change with time.

In the Bottle

The bottling and presentation of the whisky has not changed much over time. Although the wooden box has changed to cut down production costs, the look and feel of the whisky has not changed much. The bottle is rectangular in shape and has an ergonomic design. This allows the manufacturer to pack more bottles in a case without the chances of breaking when compared to the round ones.

The labeling looks real nice and professional, and it is wrapped around the side of the bottle to offer some details about the aging of the whisky on the surface on the sides of the bottle. There is also a round plastic decal on the bottle just above the label and depicts a vignette of an old mill with a water wheel. In the decal, you can also see the Rocky Mountains in the background.

In the Glass

The whisky has a golden amber color with light coppery highlights when poured in the glass. The spirit will look consistent visually and when it is swirled inside the glass, you can see an oily sheen on the inside of the glass. The first whiff from the glass will have a dusty spice filled Canadian whisky with firm smells of almond. You may later experience smells of fine oak spices together with smells of cardamom and ginger.

There are also small hints of cinnamon and a corn like sweetness together with a very light touch of vanilla. When the glass with the whisky is allowed to breathe, the rye will become more and more apparent. The rye is sweet and sour with bitter citrus pith.

In the Mouth

The whisky has a real strong rye presence, together with a firm influence of corn. The sweetness of the corn mutes the dry edge of the rye to a small extent. You can also experience light flavors of butterscotch, almond, and vanilla flavors in the mouth. You can also experience flavors of orange peel, cinnamon, and cigarette tobacco when you sip the drink.