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After years of e-commerce operations, CWSPIRITS.COM has become America’s
premier site for purchasing leading alcohol brands online

75,000 - 150,000

Monthly Users


Monthly Sessions

2,500 - 7,500

Monthly Transactions

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Placement Availability

Homepage Top Banner

4 different positions available. Design included in monthly and weekly pricing options.

Homepage Top Banner 1/4

4 smaller top banner placements. Design included in monthly and weekly pricing options

Email Advertising

4 different email advertising options, including weekly mass emails sent to a list of over 10,000 people.


1 text message sent to the CWS community per week, featuring brands and promotions. weekly and monthly pricing options.

Print Collateral

Flyers / mailers included in each package that is shipped out of the CWSPIRITS warehouse. Design included in the weekly and monthly pricing options.

Influencer Marketing

Work with our brand ambassadors to get your products featured on their social media channels.


Sitewide exclusives, and bundle options for the above placements.

Site Placement

Categories, Dropdowns, Checkout

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Large Homepage Banner

Position 1


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Position 2


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Position 3


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Position 4


View on Site

1/4 Banner Placement

Position 1


Position 2


Email AD Placement

Order Confirmation



Abandoned Cart



Back In Stock Notifier



Mass Email

Ad placements on our weekly emails that are sent out once a week

1 Branded Email

10,000 Recipients/Month


See our email marketing in action

Email Signature

Ad placements in our email signature

10,000+ Emails/Month



Ad placements in our SMS

10,000+ Recipients/Month


Category Placement

List the different places we can put product:
Top of category, Drop Down features, Gifting, etc.

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Dropdown Placement
Featured Product
Top of Category

Print Collateral -
Packaging Inserts

10,000 + packages shipped
per month


*cost of printing is billed separately.


Get your product featured on high-traffic social media channels with our CWS brand ambassadors 18M+ subscribers

Custom pricing + partnerships upon request

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Package Deals

Talk to us about options that include a combination of the above spaces or sitewide exclusives starting at $8500/month!