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Chandon Garden

Chandon Garden Spritz (750 ml)


Chandon Garden Spritz is a delightful ready-to-drink cocktail that embodies the spirit of casual elegance and vibrant flavors. Crafted by Chandon, renowned for its sparkling wines, the Garden Spritz offers a refreshing twist on traditional cocktails.

This effervescent beverage combines Chandon's expertise in sparkling wine with botanical infusions, creating a unique and sophisticated flavor profile. It features notes of citrus and botanicals, balanced with a hint of sweetness, making it perfect for any occasion.

The Chandon Garden Spritz is crafted to be enjoyed straight from the bottle, chilled over ice, or garnished with fresh herbs or fruits for a personalized touch. Its versatility makes it a convenient choice for picnics, parties, or relaxed gatherings with friends.

Each sip of Chandon Garden Spritz transports the palate to a lush garden setting, where the aromas of citrus and botanicals mingle with the crispness of sparkling wine. It's a refreshing option that appeals to those seeking a light and flavorful alternative to traditional cocktails.

Experience the vibrant taste of Chandon Garden Spritz and discover why it's a favorite among those who appreciate quality, convenience, and the pleasure of savoring a well-crafted cocktail in a relaxed setting.

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