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Bottega White Gold (750ml)



Bottega Rose Gold (750ml)



Bottega Prosecco Gold (750ml)

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Bottega wines are sleek, sophisticated, luxurious bottles of sparkling wine. The Bottega family has been producing high-quality, authentic-tasting prosecco since 1992. Their twist on it involves their signature, futuristic-looking bottles that carry their fine wine. Bottega wine is sold in metallic-looking bottles with each color representing the liquid inside.

Bottega Gold is their classic prosecco expression. The radiant gold bottle shines like the sun, containing their prosecco. This bottle is made from Clera grapes grown in the mountains of Treviso. The long, mild winters and warm harvesting months produce a fruity profile that is fiercely characteristic of this region.

Bottega rose gold champagne is probably their most famous bottle. The extraterrestrial-looking bottle contains perfectly ripe pinot nero grapes that contain such a delicious fruity profile, supported by crispy, refreshing bubbles. 

Buy some Bottega prosecco for your big celebration. These bottles look like they contain thousands of dollars worth of champagne, but the Bottega price point is actually incredibly affordable. When you drink Bottega, you feel like you have all the wealth in the world.

At CWS, we also have their white gold bottle. It is a blend of chardonnay and pinot grapes that give such an incredibly fruity and light balance to this prosecco.

Order the best Bottega wines at our online store today to taste the wonders of authentic Italian prosecco. Bring a bottle of two to your next party or celebration to get the group in a happy mood. At CWS, you can order all of these fantastic Bottega wines to be delivered straight to your door.

Explore a premium selection of Bottega spirits and elevate your moments with exquisite flavors. Order alcohol online effortlessly from this curated collection, offering a seamless and convenient way to indulge in luxury spirits. Uncover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and convenience as you browse Bottega's finest offerings on CW Spirits.

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