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Beväge Pro Carrying Case



Beväge™ Optional 375ml Glass Decanter



Beväge™ Extra 750ml Glass Decanter



BEVÄGE™ “PRO” (750ml)


Discover the epitome of refinement with our Bevage™ Decanter Collection, a curated selection designed to elevate your wine and spirits experience. Crafted with precision and sophistication, each Bevage decanter is a statement piece, offering a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Indulge in the art of decanting with the Bevage glass decanter, meticulously designed for wines and spirits enthusiasts. The lead-free glass ensures purity, while the measurements of 4, 6, 8, and 12 oz. guarantee precision in every pour. Enhance the flavors of your favorite libations with the super-fine sediment strainer, filtering out impurities as fine as a millimeter.

Ideal for holiday gifting, the Bevage Decanter is more than a vessel; it's a symbol of taste refinement. The glass stopper, with BPA-free silicone rings, seals the aromas, making it the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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