Wine Collecting Tips For Beginners Wine Collecting Tips For Beginners

Wine Collecting Tips For Beginners

Wine Collecting Tips For Beginners

Artworks, cars, baseball cards, and wine have documented histories, tiered values, and vintages. These are a few reasons that make them a natural fit for collections. You might have known plenty of alcohol lovers who love to collect rare and delicious liquor products. If you are planning to seriously start a wine collection, then there are a few easy steps, which will help you get right on the track.

If you are a person who doesn’t have a regular income, then starting a wine collection is not a wiser idea. You must realize the fact that the cost of collecting wine will not stop with the initial purchase. You will have to invest a fair amount of your earnings in proper storage, security, documentation, and insurance.

Keep Track of What you Have


You should also try to keep some kind of order while collecting wine. You should at least know how many bottles you have and where each of them is stored. Either you could create a note on your personal diary to keep track of that, or you can save the details on your smartphone. There is nothing wrong in having a few drinks from these bottles, but you should make sure to note them on your diary.

Invest in a Worthy Cellar

You need to handle wine (particularly old wine) very carefully and delicately. We highly recommend you to store them at a cool, humid condition (55 degrees, 75% RH), as it will ensure that the wine will not lose its freshness. So, keep this factor in mind before investing in a wine cellar or vault. Remember that the best cellar is always secure, well insulated, and detached.

Save All Documentation

If you are planning to take the wine collection seriously, then you should always save the documentations such as the original auction text and the original purchase receipt. You should also note the contact details of the person who sold you the product. In addition to that, make sure to write a complete description of the bottle, including the marks on the bottle that you may find unique. Cataloging and safely storing these documents will certainly come in handy, as it will help you to effectively keep a track of your products.