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When it comes to alcohol, you will face many good options. You may not like one drink, but then the next one you try may hit your palate just right. There comes a time in most people’s adult life when they try whiskey. It’s a hard alcohol to take down, but when you mix it with other ingredients, it can make all the difference in the world.

Try a ‘sweet whiskey lemonade.’ It’s simple yet wonderful. It’s whiskey with Cointreau, lemon juice, sugar, apricot preserves, and tonic. If you’re into slushes, a ‘bourbon slush punch’ would be just the right fit for you because it’s fun and tasty, as well as being a great party drink. It’s made from a can of frozen orange juice concentrate, a can of frozen lemonade concentrates, sugar, bourbon, and Fresca or Sprite.

Fruity is always fun; a ‘harvest sour’ is a mix of fruit and sourness. It’s made with rye, applejack, lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup, and bitters. It’s a great fall drink. If you really want to liven up your taste buds, you should definitely try a ‘maple rye sour’; it’s made with rye whiskey, orange and lemon juice, maple syrup, and amaro.

An exciting drink to try with all of your friends would be a ‘mint julep’; it’s different and interesting. It’s made with rye, cognac, mint leaves, and simple syrup. You can always just drink it on the rocks, but sometimes it’s a little fun to try something a bit different. The mint flavor really freshens up your mouth. Your body with feel more lively just from one sip; the smell alone will wake you up. Adding a little flavor to your whiskey is only going to enhance its lovely flavor characteristics. Find a new and fun way to enjoy your whiskey today.