What Happens When you Mix CBD and Alcohol

What Happens When you Mix CBD and Alcohol - Country Wine & Spirits

What Happens When you Mix CBD and Alcohol

Wondering what will happen if you mix CBD and Alcohol at the same time?

According to Vice, people seem to be mixing CBD with just about every form of alcohol; from mixed drinks to a whiskey dram in the evening. The most important benefit is the amplification of the CBD and the alcoholic effect on the body creating a mutually increased sensation of calmness while exaggerating the effect that alcohol brings. Many people find this mix to be extremely relaxing and enjoyable, leading to a recent rise in popularity when it comes to CBD infused alcoholic beverages.

CBD is found in cannabis that has all of the relaxing effects but does not get the user high the way that THC does, creating a safe alternative when being sober is one of the concerns when trying to alleviate anxiety or benefit from the calming or pain relieving qualities of weed.

Interestingly, according to James Giordano, professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, if you take CBD within 4-8 hours of drinking alcohol the double effect may still be triggered as the bloodstream takes awhile to settle. So, if you had some wine with your dinner and then went to bed with CBD to help you fall asleep, the CBD may end up being a lot more potent and keep you asleep for longer and in a more restful, deep sleep. Like just about any other substance, the dosage of alcohol or CBD will certainly have an effect on how you will feel when you use both simultaneously, so results will vary depending on quite a few factors including your tolerance, the potency of the alcohol and CBD and many other biological factors.

For those wondering if you can drink alcohol while on CBD, just remember it is going to make the effects much stronger and will make it a lot harder for you to function how you typically do while using CBD. Many users have found the mix of both alcohol and CBD to cause drowsiness, calmness, and even loss of focus, qualities that are typically caused by using THC, creating an interesting dynamic between the two drugs that may not happen when using actual marijuana while on alcohol, a much different and unique experience (that we totally recommend you try at some point, safely of course).

What’s puzzling is the lack of similar opinion when it comes to the official and medical understanding of using CBD with liquor as experts tend to have many different opinions. For example, Giordano recommends to keep both dosages quite low when you experiment with CBD and alcohol at the same time as you are not going to know how they affect each other, even if you have used each of the individual drugs in the past and know your overall tolerance and reactions to the drugs when used alone. The combination and the mutual accelerated effects is something that you should try carefully the first few times until you can predict it better and understand how you will react.